BlackBerry Users Waiting to Defect?

I came across this article on Yahoo! Finance earlier today that says BlackBerry users are likely to abandon the device in favour of the Apple iPhone or Google’s Android. Noting just 7% of BB users still use their phone exclusively for work, the article states, “Put simply, iPhones, Droids, and Nexus Ones just look like more fun.”

Working in an environment where I have to support about a dozen users with these devices, I safely say the BB is not much “fun.” Although recent versions have improved a lot, they were very finicky and cumbersome to set up. Meanwhile, our first user just switched to an iPhone and it was easier to get her up and running than it was to get the BlackBerry environment started. With the BB, we had to install a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, integrate with Active Directory and fart around with firewall rules. What I did not like about the iPhone, however, was having to download and install iTunes just to activate the phone.

One thought on “BlackBerry Users Waiting to Defect?

  1. IT and comms does not need big business. VOIP is proof of that! Until they are much better, I do not intend to indulge.

    I look forward to innovation from those who say “what is a balance sheet?” and who do not borrow to fund anything.

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