Waiting For Inspiration While Others Work At It

We’re all familiar with Edison’s remark that genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Management guru Peter F. Drucker said something similar in The Discipline of Innovation in 1985. There,  he outlined seven sources of innovation, and also had this to say:

Most innovations … especially the successful ones, result from a conscious, purposeful search for innovation opportunities.

But what really drove all this home was this article in Slate today which told of three guys in a Silicon Valley start up called Redbeacon.com. It an interesting story that personalises the entrepreneurs’ approach. Here is how they came up with their idea:

The idea for Redbeacon was the result of a methodical search … They got together twice a month to discuss what kinds of companies they could start. Each had to put together a presentation and pitch.

So while eejits like me sit around waiting to get hit by the proverbial bolt of lightening, others are actually working on it, coming up with ideas and sifting through them until they find something workable. No wonder I’m getting left behind.