Don’t Tweet Your Career Away

There was lots of interesting stuff at the Dublin Web Summit last night, and amongst it all was one great piece of advice from Ray Nolan, CEO of, who said:

Don’t tweet your career away.

Nolan said he has reviewed job applicants online and has seen some with very active Twitter feeds. If people were really reading all the links they are tweeting about and discarding others they found not worthy, Nolan guessed that some people were only working two hours a day.

Next thing, there was a tap on my shoulder and the guy behind me in the audience passed down a bunch of business cards. “Pass these on,” he said. The cards were for, a site that lets you auto-schedule your tweets.

So, if I ever find myself sitting in front of Ray Nolan asking for a job, I can explain my apparent Twitter addiction away: I do all my reading at night and schedule tweets automatically! Then, we he goes on to ask about my weaknesses, I’ll just sigh knowledgeably and say, “Sometimes I work too hard.”

Image is a screen shot of’s website. It is not mine to share under the Creative Commons license.