Three Innovators To Watch

Innovation is all well and good, but if it gets rid of one of life’s major annoyances, then I am all ears. tackles the issue of utility bills by promising to collect and organize them — free of charge to the bill payer — where they can be managed in a central location.

The environmentalists among you will love it because your bills have just gone paperless. More trees for the squirrels to run around in! Woo hoo! Others, including those recently elated environmentalists, will welcome reduced clutter around the house and the ability to deal with bills in a single location.

Meanwhile, is welcoming the additional attention it received by winning the Spark of Genius competition at the recent Dublin Web Summit. (Here they are tooting their horn).

The competition’s rules were simple: New companies were invited to enter before the summit. They were narrowed down to three finalists on the night. Those three entrepreneurs then gave a three-minute pitch to the 400 or so in the audience.

The prize package totaled €30,000, and included professional and legal services, and consulting time. The companies had to be less than three years old, and have received less than €1 million in venture capital. Their revenues also had to be under €1 million. Products had to be “at least in beta” so the start ups had “something to showcase.”

The other two entrepreneurs were Currency Fair, a peer-to-peer currency exchange website that aims to deliver better exchange-rate value than the banks, and Log Entries, a cloud-based, log-management service.

Currency Fair promises to be a cross between eBay and BetFair for travelers wanting to get a better deal on forex than that offered by banksters. Their website promises: “No banks involved. No middlemen in pinstripes. No eye watering commission.”

Log Entries was the only start up not aimed specifically at the consumer market. Its potential customers are techies such as sys admins or developers. Log Entries says its product is “like CCTV for your systems,” and aims to help administrators manage the explosion of data by reducing the amount of time they spend poring over logs.

Meanwhile, plans to expand in to Britain in the near future. It is also spinning off its technology under the name, Britebill,  to sell or license to other providers.

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4 thoughts on “Three Innovators To Watch

  1. John,

    Thanks for the mention and the post. We were delighted to win the Spark of Genius award and the free services will be of huge value. One point worth making is the primarily we are a technology company but we have a consumer offering that fits a real market need / opportunity.

    We are pursuing both angles and so far we are very encouraged by our success.

    Thanks again


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