Up Close Open Source

Following on from a previous post outlining Lloyd Hardy’s plans for open source education (the Free Software black hole open source training imageUniversity), I have since come across something I would describe as open source training.

This idea comes from Darragh Doyle, Communications Manager for Boards.ie by day. By night, he apparently still does internet stuff but has started wondering about open source knowledge sharing.

In a this blog posting, almost hot off the presses, Doyle wrote:

I’m wondering how I go about learning certain things and then sharing them, mostly with an emphasis in online and social media, but also other simple things.

Basically, he is wondering if people are available to share their skills to small groups for around 90 minutes each session. Based on his blog, he clearly has his own laundry list of potential classes, and most of them sound very useful in their own right. They go from the technical to the presentational to the legal. He even throws in photography and Photoshop for good measure.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea. As Doyle noted, paid-up classes can be hit or miss. It’s a real disappointment to take a few days out of work to find some course has been oversold, and that both time and money have been wasted.

As Dermot Casey posted in the Doyle’s comments, with a few resources behind this, a professional, well-presented set of sessions could not only be held, but recorded and posted on the internet for the benefit of all.

Image courtesy of opensourceway at Flickr.com