Red Eye Innovation for Charity

24 the web montage

Competition judges (left to right): Laurence Veale, Martha Rotter and Alan O'Rourke

Back in July, I did a short piece on an innovative approach taken by Boardmatch Ireland to pair knowledgeable professionals with not-for-profit organizations needing their skills.

Recently, I came across another cool idea. This time, it is a 24-hour, web-design competition between three teams for three worthy causes. “Basically, Scrapheap Challenge for charity with websites,” according to the organizers’ site,

It will take place November 13 and 14.

The main difference between Boardmatch and is the competitive aspect — and all the recriminations, bitterness and sore feelings losing a competition engenders. Only joking. It’s a great idea and it sounds like a blast.

“The idea, in a nutshell, is to show how important design, standards and process are in creating a site, highlighting the multitude of skills involved, and to to something good for charity,” said organizer Stu Curry (@irishstu).

As of now, Curry has two big sponsors lined up. Blacknight (who also host my wonderful website) will provide infrastructural services while Rothco are providing space for the event. Food and prize sponsors are still needed so check out if you are interested in helping. Curry said he hopes to take applications for volunteer helpers next week.

Inspired by Full Code Press and the NCAD 24 Hour Design Challenge, 24theweb will see three teams of seven build a website each for a deserving charity. The teams will include a designer, programmer, content writer, IA/UX person, a HTML/CSS coder, a project manager and a wildcard.

Also needed are charities. Their eligibility rules state:

  • “You could never afford the website in a million years.”
  • “You have great content.”
  • “You have someone who will keep your site up to date in future.”

Judges include some well-known names in the Dublin tech world: Laurence Veale (@laurenceveale) of IQ Content, Martha Rotter (@martharotter) of Microsoft and Alan O’Rourke (@alanorourke) of Spoiltchild Design.

The kick-ass montage above is bits and pieces I pulled off It would be rude of me to pass it off as my own. Therefore, I cannot share it under the Creative Commons or any other license. If you want one, you’ll just have to make it yourself. I recommend The Gimp for all that kind of stuff.

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