Three Immersive Tech Experiences

Three great opportunities are coming up for those who want an immersive innovation experience.

The most worthy is 24 The Web, a 24-hour competition that will pit three teams of 7 against each other to build the best web site for charity. The location, hosting, food, etc., are all being provided by sponsors. The organizers are still looking for help and accepting applications. You can read more about it here. The event will be held Nov. 13 and 14.

Another free event that month is the Dublin Hacks & Hackers Hack Day. As the organizers say:

It’s a chance for web developers and designers to pair up with journalists and bloggers to produce a number of projects and stories based on public data. We’re using the tag ‘#hhhDub‘ to talk about this on Twitter.

The aim of Hacks / Hackers is to show journalists about tech and to show techies about scribbling. Although I fancy myself as a bit of both, I signed up as a hacker for the event. It will be held Nov. 16. This is another long-running event going from around 9 am to 7:30 pm.

The aim is to show journalists how to use programming and design techniques to create online news stories and features; and vice versa, to show programmers how to find, develop, and polish stories and features.

Below is a video from the Liverpool, England, event that gives an idea of what goes on.

On Oct. 1, the Dublin Startup Weekend will be start. This runs on Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday. According to the organizers,

Folks turn up on Friday evening, those who are interested present their ideas, teams form around some subset of the ideas (as decided by the participants) and then the teams get to work. The teams are formed by the end of Friday evening and they develop the technology and the proposition over the remainder of the weekend. Each of the teams presents their work to an adjudication panel on Sunday evening and a winning team is chosen: the winner is typically that which has developed good technology which may have a credible business case behind it.