“Entrepreneurs Anonymous” Meet in Dublin

Following Endeavour’s intense and stimulating seven-week entrepreneurship program, some alumni have decided to continue to meet  once a month in Dublin.

“I found meeting so many like-minded people did wonders for my motivation,” said organizer Priscilla Connolly, CEO of CMR Specialist Repair. “Meeting regularly will keep the interest level high and provide great networking opportunities.”

The Endeavour (@endeavourbiz) alumni have decided to meet on the last Tuesday of every month in MacTurcaill’s, Tara St., Dublin.

The meetings will last up to one hour, and attendees can retire to the bar for networking afterwards. The meetings are open to anyone who has started a business, or wants to start a business, or is thinking about starting a business, or would like to join a start up.

Speakers will be chosen based on what expertise they can impart to entrepreneurs. They may tell war stories, warn of prat falls, or they could come from corporates that serve the needs of start ups.

  • Admission is free.
  • Meet at 6 pm for one-hour talk.
  • Last Tuesday of the month.
  • Next meeting is April 26.

13 thoughts on ““Entrepreneurs Anonymous” Meet in Dublin

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  2. Yes Aimée. We have Gary Leyden of vrising and the National Digital Research Centre in.
    Hope to see you there,

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  4. Hi,
    The next event will be on Jan. 31. We decided not to do anything in December since the Last Tuesday then is too close to Christmas.

  5. Hi,

    Are these events still going on or can you recommend anything for someone interested in startups to attend to get a feel for the space and network.

  6. Justin,
    Yes, the events are still going on. The next is this coming Tuesday, April 24. Another similar event is also held once a month. It is called Open Coffee.
    If you come along Tuesday, you should feel free to ask for advice. You will find people very open and supportive in these environments.

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