Day 2: Still a Long Way to Go

Montage of Dublin Startup Weekend organizers and judges

Day 2 of Dublin Startup Weekend (@swdub) kicked off bright and early this morning. Teams were formed last night and it was at least midnight before many left. (Day 3 is covered here).

The Startup Weekend is part of a global series of events sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation to build businesses from raw ideas over the space of 54 hours — with sleep being optional.

Starting time was officially at 8 am today. Breakfast was provided followed by an innovation workshop. Feedback from that was very positive.

“Really interesting way to evolve an idea,” tweeted Russell Banks (@RussellBanks77).”I like the role playing in ‘pretotyping’. Builds empathy with users,” Heather (@hjames) said. “Nice blend of user centric and market centric with plenty of role plays/presentations for good measure!” said Eoin Brazil (@eoinbrazil).

(The hashtag for those following the event on Twitter is #swdub).

Prototype presentations are running right now.

The teams have until tomorrow evening (March 4, 2012) to have their new businesses ready. Projects will be judged on three criteria:

  1. Customer validation
  2. Business Model and
  3. Execution

Execution will include setting up social media accounts, building a landing page and having a product demo ready. It will also include branding like logos and product names.

The business model should include charts to explain the model and making a video that presents the idea or product.

Finally, validation would include reaching 100 followers or likes, doing some research on the street to ask at least 10 random people what they think of the idea, and making an online survey with at least 20 respondents.

There will be four judges, all of whom are investors. They are Shay Garvey, partner at Delta Partners; Will Prendergast, partner at NCB Ventures; Martin Kelly, partner at IBM’s Venture Capital Group; Josh Holmes of Microsoft’s BizSpark; Conor O’Connor of AIB Seed Capital Fund; and Eoghan Jennings of Parklane Capital, who is also an organizer of StartupBootcamp Dublin.

Image was put together quickly from images taken off the Dublin Startup Weekend site. Top row shows organizers (left to right): Wiktor Schmidt (@wiktorschmidt), Benoit Curdy (@bcurdy) and Benjamin Larralde (benjamin_l). Bottom row (left to right) are judges Shay Garvey, Eoghan Jennings, Will Prendergast and Martin Kelly.

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