And The Winner Is…


After a weekend of full-on business and website development, it came down to a five-minute pitch to six judges to take the title of Startup Weekend Dublin winner 2012. (@mynhub), a social property management solution. Aiming to help both apartment dwellers and property managers, the team plans to cut costs for management companies while getting problems resolved quickly for tenants.

Making the presentation, Heather James (@hjames) said managers want to be seen doing their jobs and tenants want solutions to problems. However, management companies can get flooded by calls if a problem impacts many residents.’s plan is to sell their service as a productivity enhancing tool. They persuaded one customer to verbally commit over the weekend, Steen Gordon said. “If we can improve their profit, we can make a profit ourselves,” he said.

Second Place

Care CoPilot came second with their app to let caregivers share medical information. This is targeted at adult children sharing responsibilities caring for elderly parents so that they can keep track of medications, treatments, etc.

Third Place

Matchbook (@thematchapp) came third. This is an app that allows clubs to put match programs online without having to pay for expensive glossy brochures.  It offers smaller clubs an additional means of generating revenue, and saves fans money while giving them a chance to interact with players on a social platform.

Best Pitches

This prize was won by Prescience AI (@aiprescience) and (@reckonednet).

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Picture taken by myself shows Ciara Backwell and Heather James (front). Back row (l to r) Paul O’Grady, David Walker, Paul Murray and Steen Gordon.