Apple I Released on This Day in 1976

Apple 1 computerThe Apple I computer was released April 11, 1976. The first machines were initially hand built by engineer Steve Wozniak. The asking price was $666.66 because Wozniak liked repeating digits.

Co-founder Steve Jobs sold his VW van to pay for the raw materials and Wozniak sold his HP calculator for $500. Around 200 units were produced. But unlike other machines appearing in the brand new personal computer market that were sold as kits, the Apple was sold (mostly) pre-assembled.

Competitors at the time included the Altair 8800.

Apollo Mission Launched

Also on April 11, this time in 1970, the Apollo 13 spacecraft launched. The mission, which suffered a number of serious problems, ultimately completed without loss of life.

The drama was recounted in a movie of the same name which popularized such phrases as, “Houston, we have a problem” and “Failure is not an option.”

Image of Apple I by Ed Uthman on Flickr.