Entrepreneurs & Chainsaws; A Startup Location With a Difference

Hub HouseNot many entrepreneurs who need a quick break get to plant potatoes or fire up a chainsaw. The normal city-centre environment just doesn’t cater for that kind of thing.

But Hub House, a rambling pile on a large lot in Dublin’s suburbs, is a facility with a difference. Run as a non-profit with no public funding,  Hub House fills a need for fledgling businesses and solo contractors, according to founder Peter Tanham (@PeterTanham).

Although it has only been running for six months, there are four businesses using the facility now.

He and business partner, Garrett Reynolds (@garrettdr), were the guests at April’s Last Tuesday (or Entrepreneurs Anonymous) meeting in Dublin.

With rents they believe are the lowest in Dublin, startup teams get a real office space and other facilities. Solo contractors, meanwhile, can work in a social atmosphere “rather than in complete isolation or in their spare bedroom,” Tanham said.

Although it seems like a rural location, the house is close to two motorways and the Luas tram.

It suits new businesses moving out of incubators, allows people to share experiences and vent frustrations. It can also help people build teams as they put new businesses together.

One such outcome has been for Tanham, who has a background in marketing, and Reynolds, with technical skills, to form Paper Wasp Media, a digital media agency. Tanham said it was difficult to find a technical co-founder. Every time he asked fellow entrepreneurs how they found their techies, they all seemed to have known each other since childhood, he said.

Working long hours, six days a week on a startup “can be quite intense,” Reynolds said. Although there are games and other facilities in the house, his distractions are outside. “If you’re not doing any work, go dig the garden or go get the chainsaw,” he said.

Image of Hub House taken from the website.