Best Practices Advice Published

Best Practices Book Cover

I wrote a chapter for the first Best Practices book by Irish Executive Press. It is available on kindle and in physical form from Amazon. Some of the publicity blurb is below.

From a concept and an idea at our Irish Executives inaugural global summit in Galway in 2011 to reality – demonstrating the power of networking, the power of social media and the collective power of the diaspora. This exciting compilation of 23 best practices from 17 talented authors is available now.

Title: Best Practices in Successful Business: a collection of tutorials
The ISBN number is : 974-0988250802. Title number: 3981095


This essential handbook provides practical and trusted guidance for companies of all sizes. Compiled from 17 experienced practitioners, subject matters experts and academics, it is divided into 3 core themes covering 23 best practices:

  1. Best Practices in Launching and Sustaining your business
  2. Best Practices to achieve Competitive Advantage
  3. Best Practices in the Talent Assets of your business

The best practices cover critical aspects of business, such as: leadership, talent development, sales and marketing, customer service and product, service and process innovation.

The end result of this exciting journey is a uniquely broad array of insights, based on many backgrounds and even more years of combined experience. We are very excited to present this book and we are convinced that it will appeal to a broad audience, in all stages of business management from business students to experienced managers.