7 eCommerce Tips

baby pumping fistKeep it simple and get inside the customer’s  head when it comes to eCommerce.

But be prepared for an awful lot of work, said Colm Griffin, founder and CEO of Purchase.ie (@purchasedotie).

His comments came at the monthly Entrepreneurs Anonymous event and it kicked off an extremely busy Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ) week in Dublin, Ireland.

The Web Summit has become a massive event and is now billed as “Europe’s SXSW.”

This year sees 10,000 visitors descend on the city, and one of the summit’s highlight events is a fireside chat between Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and Tesla founder Elon Musk.

Griffin, meanwhile, has been running Ireland’s premier energy and money-saving website since he founded it in 2009.

A newcomer to eCommerce at the time, he has since handled every aspect of the business from physically packing products to poring over web stats. He also now runs the monthly eCommerce Ireland event.

eCommerce Trends

Looking at his stats, Griffin said Chrome has now become the most used browser to visit Purchase.ie. Two years ago, it was Internet Explorer. That is now in fourth place, he said.

Tabs continue to grow and now 30% of his traffic is from iPhones, iPads and other smartphones. Meanwhile, less than 10% of his traffic comes to the home page, he said.

eCommerce Tips

Although he had plenty of advice, Griffin said the three most important aspects of online marketing are email, SEO and pay per click.

Site Architecture is very, very important,” Griffin said. “Google should be at the forefront of everything you do from the start.”

Basics: Build a site map and check the site on all browsers and devices.

URLs: These should be reader friendly. If selling shoes, for example, the url should contain a description like “men’s black leather shoes,” Griffin said.

Optimize the entire site: “People think optimizing the home page is enough, it has to be every page,” he said.

Google: Has a number of tools to help attract traffic. The Keyword Planner is very useful, Griffin said. He suggested concentrating on terms likely to be used in look ups. For example, a model EHT10 water tap is likely to be searched for with a term like “instant hot water tap,” he said.

“I might always sell instant hot water taps but I mightn’t always sell EHT10,” Griffin said.

Content: “Write original content. Write original content,” he said. Copying and pasting the manufacturer’s description is likely to go nowhere with Google.

Meanwhile, the keyword should be reinforced with paragraph headings such as “instant hot water tap” and “how to install an instant hot water tap.”

Text should be broken up by images which, in turn, should be described and contain descriptive alt tags.

Depending on product complexity, videos explaining how things work are also very valuable. If they are on your YouTube channel, they should link back to your website.

Promote: Put links on sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Pinterest. This encourages traffic back and gets your site indexed quicker, Griffin said.

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