“Facebook Zero” — Organic Reach on Facebook to Join Dodo & Dinosaur

Organic only is falling on Facebook

Organic only is falling on Facebook

Organic reach on Facebook is approaching zero. Zero as in zilch, nada, nichts and nothing.

This will have implications for digital marketing plans as the Menlo Park giant slowly squeezes the reach of organic from brand pages, according to Marshall Manson (@marshallmanson), MD of Ogilvy EAME.

Manson just has authored a study for Ogilvy and presented it at yesterday’s digital marketing conference, DMX Dublin (@DMXDublin).

Fall in organic reach Oct. 2013 - Feb. 2014

Fall in organic reach Oct. 2013 – Feb. 2014

As digital consultant Maryrose Lyons (@maryrose) explains: “Facebook changed its algorithm at the end of 2013 making it less likely that your unsupported-with-ad-spend posts are reaching their intended audience.”

Although this means money will need to do your talking, don’t give up on Facebook because engagement there is likely to remain valuable, Manson says.

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Among the advice delivered in the paper (embedded below), Manson says, “Get used to making harder choices about what to publish. Be prepared to publish less frequently.”

He urges digital marketers to become more focused and picky. “Be assertive about refusing to publish content that’s off-theme, irrelevant or boring.”

Manson advises platform independence and using Facebook and Twitter to drive followers to websites where they can be recruited in to CRM databases.

Graph data from Manson’s paper.