Don’t Waste Time Starting Your Own Business

DilbertIt was one of those nuggets of advice that came unexpectedly but bears repeating: If your startup idea is crap, or if your understanding of how startups work is crap, go work for a startup instead.

The comment came during a Q&A session at Entrepreneurs Anonymous, a monthly meetup I co-run for early stage and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The suggestion was made by co-organizer Silviu Preoteasa when he was commenting on the quality of some startup pitches he sees.

Instead of trying to start anew, he suggested gaining experience first.

It’s a good idea because multitudes — myself included — have spent an awful lot of effort trying to find co-founders, building an MVP, wooing investors or trying to nab a place on an accelerator.

And what do these founders get for it? Usually, nothing more than a learning experience.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The experience is good, and most budding entrepreneurs start again with the feeling that they are a little further ahead of the pack.

But what if you could save yourself, two, three or even five years? Or what if you could approach potential investors or mentors with experience under your belt?

That’s where joining a startup will help.

  • The NDRC, one of Europe’s top-ranked accelerators, is now matching experts with startups in need of talent. You can sign up here.
  • There’s a lot around Dublin, Ireland, that will help. Entrepreneurs Anonymous meets on the Last Tuesday of the month. Those meetups are free, and there will be two more (September and October) before the Web Summit in early November.

Dilbert created by Scott Adams and copyrighted by United Features Syndicate.