What the Business Really Thinks of IT

I’ve covered a bit before on the often-fraught relationship between business and IT.

There is a blog post here, for example, on Susan Cramm and 8 Things to Hate About IT. Meanwhile, Prof. Joe Peppard has lectured and written extensively on many facets of the IT-to-business interface.

Things aren’t good. Things could be better. But what things are those?

IBM and Information Week have made an infographic to draw attention to some differences in perception. The are plenty of big gulfs in outlook between IT and the business.

One of the more baffling responses came from the statement, “IT is integral to the business; we would be dead in the water without them.”

Only 60% of the business respondents agreed. You can validate your own opinion there that IT is undervalued/useless.

The odd answer, however, came from the IT respondents. Asked if they were integral or if they business would be dead without them, just 70% said yes.

It just makes you wonder what these guys do exactly.

Infographic: What the business thinks of IT

Graphic courtesy of InfromationWeek.