IT: A Quick Sanity Check Before Becoming Entrepreneurial

Strategies for ITSM ProcessesA previous post looked at some types of IT department from butlers to entrepreneurs.

The butlers are more reactive while the entrepreneurs, obviously, are more proactive by launching themselves at business problems.

If you feel you are viewed as a butler, and chafing at the role, the suggestion was to first build a solid IT service and reputation before smacking them in the kisser with your entrepreneurial flair.

But before deciding where you want to bring your IT team, it would be a good idea to honestly review your current situation.

According to ITIL, there are as many IT strategies as there are IT organizations. But, they usually fall in to one of four broad patterns.

Even keel mode: These are the butlers. Steady as she goes. Don’t rock the boat. But if you have brought your IT group out of more troubled waters, you are ready to stretch your wings (to mix metaphors).

Trouble mode: We’ve all heard about horror-show IT. If we’re really unlucky we will have experienced it first hand.

If you are really, really unlucky you are caught lurching from one crisis to the next. Look at the two graphs below.

If you are trending the same way as the solid green line, you can count on your reputation following a similar trajectory.



Repeated trouble

Repeated trouble

Growth mode: This is where IT needs to step up to the plate. OK, so they might not always be included in the planing phase.

But by being ready for flexibility and keeping an ear to the ground, some frustration can be avoided.



Radical Change Mode: This is the land of mergers and acquisitions. If you work for a company whose strategy is to grow by acquisition, then, presumably, processes are in place to absorb new systems.

If you don’t work for such a company, you are either:

  • Changing strategy to become an acquiring company. Prepare for upheaval but lots of challenges.
  • Being acquired. Prepare for tough times ahead and a possible layoff.


  • Graphs courtesy and copyright of Simplilearn Solutions.
  • Montage images found via license-free search on Google with the exception of the classic Gary Larson cartoon which is copyrighted by Larson.

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