Smart & Smarter: Stand Out From the Crowd

There’s a classic scene in the movie Dumb & Dumber where our two heroes chose unusual tuxedos.

The joke there was they stuck out like two sore thumbs.

But what if you want to, or have to, stick out from the crowd?

It’s long been the norm at conventions to have attractive women in tight t-shirts turn heads on your behalf.

But what if you aren’t an attractive woman and/or have no tight t-shirts?

At the Web Summit, there were a number of stratagems.

Audi brought a small fleet of its fire-engine-red, electric cars. Needless to say, that is beyond the budget of your average, impoverished startup.

audi electric carFor people bootstrapping, the normal course of action is to buy some brightly colored t-shirts and be noticeable by default.

Szymon Pawlica (below left) and Greg Kalisz of did that.

Szymon Pawlica and Greg Kalisz


You are still more noticeable than most, but it’s done a lot.

Upping the ante, there was one guy there in a white dressing gown. But that just looked wrong.

The next step in this sartorial arms race is to make your whole outfit stand out. And what’s classier than a suit?

Richard Hobson is MD of an Irish company called Credibility Technologies, Ltd. He deftly mixed a dollar-themed suit with two of the colors off the Irish flag.

Richard Hobson, Credibility Technologies

Richard Hobson, Credibility Technologies

Klaas Joosten and Frido van Driem, founders of, traveled from Amsterdam for the Web Summit.

They skillfully incorporated two colors from the Dutch national flag in their eye-catching numbers

Frido van Driem (left) and Klaas Joosten,

Frido van Driem (left) and Klaas Joosten,

Flying in from Britain were Jorn Vanysacker and George Christoforakis of (“flirt responsibly”).

This was another team that skillfully wove colors from the UK flag in to their suits.

Jorn Vanysacker and George Christoforakis,

Jorn Vanysacker (left) and George Christoforakis,

And what’s a woman (or two) to do? Surely the embarrassment of wearing the same outfit would be two great.

Tracy Turo and Sonalie Galardi-Este Figueiras, cofounders of, got around that problem by wearing the same sandwich boards!

Tracy Turo and Sonalie Galardi-Este Figueiras,

Tracy Turo and Sonalie Galardi-Este Figueiras,

 All images taken by me.

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  1. John!

    Great thanks for writing about ZEEF! We had a great time at the summit and will definitely be back next year. One small remark, on the picture title below our name is spelled ‘”. Would be nice if this could be 🙂



  2. Frido,
    It was great to meet you and glad you liked the summit.
    I corrected that typo for you.

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