Brewers Hope Innovative Flavors and Community Involvement Keys to Success

This article first appeared on The Local Brewing beer at home is a simple enough process. You start off by making a few iffy batches, but, with persistence, you can end up with an okay beer. Who knows? With a deft touch, you might even make a great beer. Gary and Jake Rogers know. They…


How Facebook Is Engaging Brands

Another nifty infographic from OneProductions in Dublin. And this time it’s animated! The graphic shows how Facebook is engaging brands. Native video is rising and predicted to reach eighty-four percent by 2018. Facebook native video accounts for three billion video views a day. The early adopters of Facebook native video are primarily major media companies…


Infographic: WordPress Hacks & Security

There’s many ways a hacker can infiltrate your site such as through your hosting site, your theme and even your password, if it isn’t strong enough. To completely stop hacking is impossible but it can be made more difficult for them to do. This infographic will show what can be done to help make it…


Top Ten Cloud Computing Countries in the EU

Check out this nifty interactive StoryMap on the ‘Top Ten Cloud Computing Countries in the EU.’ Thanks to Dave Cummins of Speechpath, a cloud telephony and VOIP provider based in Dublin, Ireland, for putting it together. Some key takeaways: One in every five enterprises in the EU use cloud computing services. The information and communications…

Moya Brennan of Clannad

New Tech’s Nearly New Notions

There’s a tendency in tech to think its innovations are the result of new thinking. Sometimes that may be the case but often old thinking is merely repackaged or rediscovered. In a small economy like Ireland’s, starting and growing a business can be slow (or excruciating) if entrepreneurs are to rely on the domestic market…


Happy Birthday, Pinterest!

Another great infographic from Dublin-based One Productions. This one outlines Pinterest’s first five years.


Can Too Much Innovation Depress Sales? Tesco Says Yes

More old news from the realm of over-innovation: Tesco is blaming it for depressing sales. The giant, but troubled, British supermarket chain is to jettison almost one-third of its immense product line to reduce customer confusion and increase profitability, The Guardian newspaper reports. The retailer takes in one of every seven pounds spent in the…


Innovation Impatience In the Here & Now

Don’t let your impatience to innovate the future blind you to the present. “Attending to the present pays dividends in two crucial ways,” says says Dr. Jeanne Liedtka, a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. “First, it helps broaden, and perhaps even change completely, our definition of the…


“The Moses Myth” Undermines Your Confidence as an Innovator

In the Moses Myth, innovation is a miracle when a special person raises their hands to God, the Red Sea is parted or the iPhone is born. “Pick your own utopian outcome. The message is the same,” says Dr. Jeanne Liedtka, a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.…


Don’t Name It After Yourself and Other Indicators of Potential Entrepreneurial Success

Sticks and stones may break your bones, and the name you call yourself could also hurt you. Entrepreneurs often agonize over their new business name, and for good reason. Now a new study advises entrepreneurs not to name the business after themselves and to keep the name short. Research in the journal, Science, finds firms…