4 Business Tips and 1 Blob of Social Media Advice for Entrepreneurs

Chase the money, look after your customer and measure results. Those were among the key pieces of advice offered by Anthony Quigley, CEO and co-founder of the Digital Marketing Institute (@DMIgroup). He was speaking at September’s Entrepreneurs Anonymous, a monthly meet up for actual and aspiring business start ups in Dublin, Ireland. Forward-looking and innovative,…

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Colleges At A Crossroads: 4 Problems Laid Out

The university sector is set for a shakeout. The traditional model is “no longer fit for purpose” and unlikely to remain viable, said Ferdinand von Prondzynski. But despite experimentation and new technology, there is still uncertainty about the future form of higher education, he said. Von Prondzynski (@vonprond) was speaking this morning at the latest…

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“Infusing Education with Disruptive DNA”

It is a huge area, but education needs to be fixed in many areas. This weeks Innochat looks at how innovation can be brought in to the educational system.

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UX 4 Kidz & The Cheesy ‘Kids Are Our Future’ Quote

At the risk of stating the obvious, he had to say it: Kids are different than adults. Then, shortly after saying that, he had to use “the cheesy ‘kids are our future’ quote.” Recounting how IQ Content built an educational website for children between six and 18 years old, Laurence Veale (@laurenceveale), told of how…

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Old Media Ups Its Game

On the same day I blogged about Storyful, I caught up later with an old friend. We are both employed full time in tech but are also interested in media — he makes films — and I like journalism and new media. We met for a few drinks, and in between solving the country’s problems,…

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Free & Extensive Career Help

A quick plug for the Career Boot Camp being organized by the National College of Ireland. It is free of charge, and there is no pre-registration. A number of workshops and talks have been planned for the week. These include mock interviews, CV (resumé) appraisal, how to use recruitment agencies effectively, what HR managers are…

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Free Internet Conference July 22

This one is worth a short plug: The Irish Internet Association and the National College of Ireland will be hosting a free one-day conference on July 22 in Dublin. The line up looks pretty good so far. You can find all the details here. Image is a partial screen shot of the dotconf website and…

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Up Close Open Source

Following on from a previous post outlining Lloyd Hardy’s plans for open source education (the Free Software University), I have since come across something I would describe as open source training. This idea comes from Darragh Doyle, Communications Manager for Boards.ie by day. By night, he apparently still does internet stuff but has started wondering…

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Some Examples of Open Innovation

In an interesting article on how Procter & Gamble is using “open innovation” to develop new products and drive growth, Stefan Lindegaard gets in to specifics on how the giant soap company puts ideas in to action. This is good, because a lot of the talk about innovation can be overly abstract. Here is some…


Free Software University Explained

Marrying technology, innovation and this curious internet thing of giving stuff away for free, consultant and Cong-base Englishman, Lloyd Hardy, is hoping to kick start an online learning revolution. Hardy proposes to deliver university courses for free over the internet using an “open source” model. Open source has revolutionised the delivery of technology since the…