4 Business Tips and 1 Blob of Social Media Advice for Entrepreneurs

Chase the money, look after your customer and measure results. Those were among the key pieces of advice offered by Anthony Quigley, CEO and co-founder of the Digital Marketing Institute (@DMIgroup). He was speaking at September’s Entrepreneurs Anonymous, a monthly meet up for actual and aspiring business start ups in Dublin, Ireland. Forward-looking and innovative,…

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Thoughts From a Grumpy Innovator — Book Review

From a comment in Dublin came a book from the The Hague written by a man with a Greek name. Following a blog post on Trinity College Dublin’s Innovation Awards, I was tracked down by Costas Papaikonomou (@GrumpyInnovator), author of Thoughts From a Grumpy Innovator. Interested in the blog post, he sent along a copy…


A Sassy Way to Clean Up CSS

When a consultant finds efficiency, it’s just another feather in his cap. When a web developer finds it, it heralds the end of a giant pain in the ass. And so it was with Stewart Curry, this month’s speaker at Refresh Dublin (@RefreshDublin). Introducing the web development tool, Sass, Curry (@irishstu) described his role for…

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Tips on How to Clear That Creative Block

Exercise, change your routine, drink the juice of 10 oranges: All proven methods that help knock us out of that rut where creativity seems to have abandoned us. The tips were among many given by Richard Lawler (@StartInnovating), author of Innovation Demystified: Tapping In To Our Creative Core, at June’s Last Tuesday meet up in…


Managing Your Career

When Brian McIvor started his career in insurance, it was in a different age. His boss told him he would be working in insurance to age 65. Now a career coach and author, McIvor said the jobs environment has changed radically. In a climate where fear, uncertainty and pressure are the norm, the adage is…

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This Day in Innovation, Technology & Science


1840 The world’s first sticky stamp, the Penny Black, entered official use in the UK on May 6, 1840. It also introduced the idea of pre-paid postage, regardless of the distance traveled. Until the new system was introduced, the recipient paid when the letter arrived. 1856 Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, is born in…

Apple 1 computer

Apple I Released on This Day in 1976

The Apple 1 was released on this day in 1976. The Apollo 13 mission launched on this day in 1970.

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Curiosity Killed the Cat – And Could do the Same to Innovation

If necessity is the mother of invention, then curiosity is the father. But can it also be a wayward parent when it comes to innovation?

Martha Rotter

New Tech is Great but “Beware the Shiny”

Despite the onslaught of new technologies, there is no need to become overwhelmed or spread too thinly. Martha Rotter explains how.

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No Shortage of Entrepreneurship or Energy in Dublin

Given 54 hours to build a business from scratch, over 100 people in Dublin were up for the challenge.