Organic only is falling on Facebook

“Facebook Zero” — Organic Reach on Facebook to Join Dodo & Dinosaur

Organic reach on Facebook is approaching zero. Zero as in zilch, nada, nichts and nothing. This will have implications for digital marketing plans as the Menlo Park giant slowly squeezes the reach of organic from brand pages, according to Marshall Manson (@marshallmanson), MD of Ogilvy EAME. Manson just has authored a study for Ogilvy and…

Lego ad in 1981 versus 2014

What’s Wrong With Women in Tech?

A number of factors combine to make the tech world an uncomfortable place for women.

Strategy illustration by the Hiking Artist

How Big Data Can Drive Strategy

Strategy is a funny old word. Although it’s bandied around a lot, almost everyone has a different meaning. If asked, for example, what a general’s strategy is in war, most people would say, “It’s to beat the enemy and win.” But surely apart from traitors and the deluded, that is every general’s strategy. In business,…


The Efficiency Trap

This post first appeared in the Irish Executives Network blog. Doesn’t “moving the goalposts” sound unfair? When leveled at a person, the accusation conjures up images of an underhanded and devious individual — the kind of person you want inside your tent spitting out! Moving the goalposts may be the mark of a shifty personality…

Stuart McGoldrick

Entrepreneur: “Einstein Was Wrong” & 3 More Tips For Startups

Einstein would have made a lousy entrepreneur. Or maybe he just would have gotten one of the basics wrong. The scientist, whose name is now synonymous with intelligence, once said that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” But, as a fresh-faced, 14-year-old entrepreneur, Stuart McGoldrick found the opposite was the case. Flush from the success…

Mark Suster

5 Tips & 3 Thoughts For Entrepreneurs

Starting a company is like making sausage, so don’t be fooled by the other guy’s press release. It’s probably as ugly behind the scenes there, according to Los Angeles-based venture capitalist, Mark Suster. Speaking at the 2013 Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ), Suster (@msuster) was introduced by conference organizer Paddy Cosgrave (@paddycosgrave) as “one of the most…

Denise O'Grady

10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurial success stories are based on someone successfully identifying a problem — then working like mad to take it to market. That happened Denise O’Grady. In her old job as a teacher, she constantly saw “the chain” break. These chains are arrangements where Parent 1 is notified of an event such as a canceled…

three decision doors

The Dark Side of Innovation – Book Review

You are in a restaurant enjoying a meal with some good company. Then, looking uneasy, the waiter comes over and says there is a man called Zollo outside. He has a gun and a sword and a decision for you. If you chose the gun, you must play Russian roulette. If you chose the sword,…

Americas Best Bosses

You May Know The Companies – But Do You Know the CEO?

Nifty infographic on America’s Best Bosses. Not all of them are high profile.

First letter written on typewriter

Lean – As Practiced in Backwoods, 19th-Century Michigan

It’s a good day to celebrate lean — as practiced in backwoods, 19th-Century Michigan. On this day in 1829, William A. Burt patented “America’s first typewriter,” according to Wikipedia. That wording implies previous efforts in other countries, but that’s not important now. What is important is the first letter written on what then called the…