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4 Types of User Willing to Pay for Online News

There’s a lot of angst, anguish and apprehension in the newspaper business. Circulation is down and falling. Readers are old and dying. Revenue is being siphoned off by every upstart on the internet. And, to cap it all off, the internet also means news is available elsewhere for free. (There will be a number of…

Mike Butcher, Lisa Fleisher

3 Tips to Get Media Attention for Your Business

Last year during the Web Summit, I wandered around the exhibition area and wondered why many of the exhibitors wanted to talk to me. It then dawned on me that my ID badge was color coded as “press,” the first year I had attended as such. Pretty soon, I was walking around with my wrist…

John Oliver on "native advertising"

Only an Idiot Could Not Tell the Difference…

The need for online media to pay the bills while consumers refuse to pay for news has led to the rise of “native advertising,” or sponsored content designed to blend in with existing news. It is hard — and probably hypocritical — to fault news organizations’ need to find a business model. However, I find…

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Old Media’s New Shakedown: Charge the Internet!”

In the same week that saw the founding anniversaries of the London Times (1788) and Denmark’s oldest newspaper the Berlingske (1749), the Irish newspaper lobby drew on its 18th Century understanding of the internet to come up with a plan to charge others for linking to its members’ websites. Asserting that links — just links…

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A Peek Behind Innovation in the News

Amongst the immediacy and relevance of its news stream, Storyful regularly uncovers videos that go viral. The Dublin-based start-up’s latest feat was finding Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal— a YouTube marriage proposal that shot from 5,000 to 5.5 million views over the course of a weekend after it was pushed out to Storyful’s customers. “What is…

Analytics, Meet “Mad Men”

Despite the restrictions imposed by online advertising, there is room for creativity. It’s in the numbers


6 Tips For Digital Marketing

Anthony Quigley offers 6 tips on how to manage Digital Marketing.

Scan of MBA Association talk from Business & Finance magazine

Shots From Business & Finance Magazine

Wearing my little cap as PRO for the Eastern Chapter of the MBA Association of Ireland, I took some shots of Hugo MacNeill, MD Ireland of Goldman Sachs, at a recent event. They were published in the December 2011 issue of Business & Finance (paywall). A scan of the photo spread is below. Click it…

photo of newspaper display

The Future of News: Dead Papers, Living Journalism

A panel of journalists at the Dublin Web Summit discusses the future of news. While papers are in trouble, journalism can thrive elsewhere.

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Why Can’t Newspapers Play to Their Advantages?

But as Dvorak points out, newspaper publishers are suffering from self-inflicted wounds. Can they do anything to save their industry? They should play to their advantages.