Don’t Waste Time Starting Your Own Business

It was one of those nuggets of advice that came unexpectedly but bears repeating: If your startup idea is crap, or if your understanding of how startups work is crap, go work for a startup instead. The comment came during a Q&A session at Entrepreneurs Anonymous, a monthly meetup I co-run for early stage and…

Collect Requirements ITTO

Collect Requirements or Die!

Part of an ongoing series blogging the bejayzus out of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). PMBOK Summarized (an eBook of the posts). The previous post is here. The next in the series is here. Collect Requirements This is finding out, recording and managing the stakeholders’ needs for the project. It forms the basis for…

Paul O'Connor, POLUS Intelligence

An Entrepreneur Answers Your Questions

This is the second part of a post written by Ruth Underwood. Part I is here. After the talk, O’Connor was asked if it is fair to tell someone they don’t have the answers to the 3 questions? You have no right to tell someone they don’t have the answers to those 3 questions because you…

Paul O'Connor POLUS Intelligence

The emotional tolls of starting your own business

This post was written by Ruth Underwood. This is the first of three posts. Part II is here. Getting a frank and honest tale of an entrepreneur’s rise and falls, and how he has managed to deal with the many risks and obstacles he has had to over come, is one of the key attractions of…

Sarah Courtney

Fail Fast, Fail Often: Lean Self-Improvement

Fail fast, fail often and, eventually, you will get it right, said Business & Life Coach, Sarah Courtney. Sarah’s advice was given at the Irish Computer Society (@IrishCompSoc) in a talk called, “The Unwritten Code to Getting What You Want.” Coaching is “not airy fairy stuff,” she told the group. It can a direct impact…

Ellen Dudley

The Highs and Very Low Lows of an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial life has its highs and lows. But you’d practically get vertigo looking down at some of the lows Ellen Dudley has faced. The Limerick woman has overcome cancer, a broken marriage and has seen more than one potentially lucrative exit from her start-up fall through. Speaking at February’s Entrepreneurs Anonymous, Dudley (@MeetFoReal) told…


10 Tips For Building a Killer Startup

Be careful building that killer startup, said serial entrepreneur Michael Acton Smith. Its first victim could be you! Speaking at the Dublin Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ), the Moshi Monsters guy (@acton) outlined his tips for entrepreneurs and threw in a health warning: “Many of them almost killed me with their craziness and intensity,” he said. Once…

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5 Tips for Early Stage Start-ups

Be nimble. Be network-y. Two of the key pieces of advice offered by Russell Banks (@RussellBanks77) at the most recent Entrepreneurs Anonymous meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Held on the Last Tuesday of the month, the meet-ups are geared towards early stage start-ups or people looking to set up their own business. The guest at the…

performer type

4 Life Lessons in Objectivity for Entrepreneurs

Drawing on his own experience, and his successes and failures in business, Liam McNamara tells entrepreneurs that objectivity and self-awareness will help them immensely.


A Sassy Way to Clean Up CSS

When a consultant finds efficiency, it’s just another feather in his cap. When a web developer finds it, it heralds the end of a giant pain in the ass. And so it was with Stewart Curry, this month’s speaker at Refresh Dublin (@RefreshDublin). Introducing the web development tool, Sass, Curry (@irishstu) described his role for…