How Facebook Is Engaging Brands

Another nifty infographic from OneProductions in Dublin. And this time it’s animated! The graphic shows how Facebook is engaging brands. Native video is rising and predicted to reach eighty-four percent by 2018. Facebook native video accounts for three billion video views a day. The early adopters of Facebook native video are primarily major media companies…


The Rise & Fall of a Social Giant

Google is shutting down its first social network Orkut tomorrow. To mark the event, Dublin-based video production company, One Productions, has drawn up this timeline of key events in Orkut’s 10 years on the internet.


Top 10 Social Media Sites That Failed – And Why

Many of these social sites have had their day, according to this MyLife.com infographic. Some of them, such as Google+ and MySpace, are still around. While the likes of Orkut is a big regional, but not global, player. Either way, the usage graphs for each site show how quickly they rose and fell. Courtesy of:…

Organic only is falling on Facebook

“Facebook Zero” — Organic Reach on Facebook to Join Dodo & Dinosaur

Organic reach on Facebook is approaching zero. Zero as in zilch, nada, nichts and nothing. This will have implications for digital marketing plans as the Menlo Park giant slowly squeezes the reach of organic from brand pages, according to Marshall Manson (@marshallmanson), MD of Ogilvy EAME. Manson just has authored a study for Ogilvy and…

Karl Monaghan

I Know You Don’t Normally Do This…A Look at One of Ireland’s Most Popular Websites

They have the traffic but sometimes the reason eludes them. With 13 million visits over the last year, the satirical Irish website Broadsheet.ie is one of Ireland’s most popular. But telling which articles will be popular can be a challenge. And, now in its fourth year, Broadsheet is still growing. Visits were up over 30…

My M&M website

Retailers Need to Master Mashup of Virtual & Real Worlds to Thrive


The look on the 1967 husband’s face is priceless as he sits in front of the console contemplating his wife’s shopping bill. It is part of a video predicting life in 1999 and was shown by John Phillips, Senior VP Customer Supply Chain & Logistics PepsiCo, at the recent Irish Executives ( @IrishExecutives) conference in…


4 Business Tips and 1 Blob of Social Media Advice for Entrepreneurs

Chase the money, look after your customer and measure results. Those were among the key pieces of advice offered by Anthony Quigley, CEO and co-founder of the Digital Marketing Institute (@DMIgroup). He was speaking at September’s Entrepreneurs Anonymous, a monthly meet up for actual and aspiring business start ups in Dublin, Ireland. Forward-looking and innovative,…

Illustration of social media addict

Social Media Not Just for Marketing Dept.

Although often seen as a new tool for Marketing people, social media (SM) is having a much greater impact on traditional organizations than is yet recognized. The issue of social media and the innovation changes it will force on companies was the topic of this week’s #innochat, a Twitter conversation held by innovation experts and…

lipdub proposal

A Peek Behind Innovation in the News


Amongst the immediacy and relevance of its news stream, Storyful regularly uncovers videos that go viral. The Dublin-based start-up’s latest feat was finding Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal— a YouTube marriage proposal that shot from 5,000 to 5.5 million views over the course of a weekend after it was pushed out to Storyful’s customers. “What is…

Analytics, Meet “Mad Men”


Despite the restrictions imposed by online advertising, there is room for creativity. It’s in the numbers