6 Tips For Digital Marketing

Anthony Quigley offers 6 tips on how to manage Digital Marketing.

Screen shot of Gym-Pact home page

Paying for Broken Resolutions – Literally

It is probably an innovative way to price health clubs, but will it work?

photo of newspaper display

The Future of News: Dead Papers, Living Journalism

A panel of journalists at the Dublin Web Summit discusses the future of news. While papers are in trouble, journalism can thrive elsewhere.

Photo of Norah Casey

Win! Free! Sex! 10 Secrets to Start Your Business

Hopefully that headline grabbed your attention. It might even be more effective on Twitter. It contains many of the keywords designed to hook you on magazine covers, according to Norah Casey, owner and CEO of Harmonia, Ireland’s largest publisher. Casey is also one of the potential investors on Ireland’s version of The Dragons’ Den TV…

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We’ll All Suffer a Disability Someday

There is close to a 100 percent chance that we will all suffer from some sort of disability in our lifetime, said Tady Walsh. It could be a broken bone, or failing sight or hearing as we age. So website designers need to factor this in. “It’s not a responsibility to someone else, but a…

How Not to Handle Crowdsourcing

If you are going to engage in crowdsourcing or social design, make sure you follow etiquette and take the project seriously. The advice came from Evangelos Kapros as he told of the mess the youth wing of the Greek Conservative Party (ONNED) got itself in to with a logo competition. What started as someone’s idea…

iPhone 4 vs HTC EVO

Social Media: From Indispensable to Marketing Fail

With 2011 already underway, I thought it might be an idea to do a small roundup of end-or-year/start-of-year on thoughts and tools in social media. There can be no doubts now about the impact the social web is having and how it can be used to amplify your message. But there are also traps, as…

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What Happens in Vegas, Stays on Facebook

Don’t piss off an inventive customer. It could cost you dearly, said Larry Taylor, head of online marketing at BT. United Airlines found out the hard way in July 2009 when they mishandled the guitars of Dave Carroll’s group, Sons of Maxwell. After an unsatisfactory response all around, they penned a comical-critical song and posted…