Infographic: WordPress Hacks & Security

There’s many ways a hacker can infiltrate your site such as through your hosting site, your theme and even your password, if it isn’t strong enough. To completely stop hacking is impossible but it can be made more difficult for them to do. This infographic will show what can be done to help make it…


Top Ten Cloud Computing Countries in the EU

Check out this nifty interactive StoryMap on the ‘Top Ten Cloud Computing Countries in the EU.’ Thanks to Dave Cummins of Speechpath, a cloud telephony and VOIP provider based in Dublin, Ireland, for putting it together. Some key takeaways: One in every five enterprises in the EU use cloud computing services. The information and communications…


Happy Birthday, Pinterest!

Another great infographic from Dublin-based One Productions. This one outlines Pinterest’s first five years.


Infographic: YouTube Grows From Teething to 10 Year Old

Here’s a fun infographic with an innovative twist: It shows the first 10 years of YouTube’s life mapped to those of a child. Developed by One Productions, a creative communications company based in Dublin, Ireland, the infographic celebrates YouTube’s upcoming 10th birthday. It’s not the first infographic One Productions has sent this way. Their last…

Obama presidential campaign A/B test

A/B Tests: No narrative for you, my friend

If you move in exciting circles like I do, you will no doubt be familiar with some of the caveats you hear about A/B testing. For those of you with more sheltered lives, A/B testing is a technique to determine which version of a web page is more effective in influencing visitors’ behavior. Some visitors…

data breaches in 2014 in US

Infographic: Data Breaches in the US in 2014

There was good news and bad news when it came to data breaches in America last year. The bad news: The number of breaches was up 27.5% over 2013. The good news is that the amount of data involved was down 7.1%. The figures come courtesy of 27001 Academy, an online center specializing in ISO…

Ezekiel's vision

200-Year-Old Newspaper Acts Like Tech Whippersnapper

Angelina Jolie had some bad news to share in May 2013 when she told the world about her double mastectomy. Jolie spoke about her condition in an article called “My Medical Choice” in the New York Times. But if you Google “Angelina Jolie double mastectomy,” the Times’ article does not show up in the first…

customer value perception

4 Steps from Boring Service to IT Innovation

So you didn’t get in to IT to be a glorified butler or waiter? Yet you find yourself in a reactive/passive environment with gazillions of dollars worth of IT stuff behind you — stuff that could power the organization ahead. Part of the problem might be your, or somebody else’s, thinking. Listen to some of…

Strategies for ITSM Processes

IT: A Quick Sanity Check Before Becoming Entrepreneurial

A previous post looked at some types of IT department from butlers to entrepreneurs. The butlers are more reactive while the entrepreneurs, obviously, are more proactive by launching themselves at business problems. If you feel you are viewed as a butler, and chafing at the role, the suggestion was to first build a solid IT…

snobby butler

IT: Smack Them in the Kisser with Entrepreneurial Flair

In the world of IT, there is a strong emphasis on keeping the lights on. You don’t want to do anything that will cause an outage. The last thing you need is some senior VP, with a face on him like a slapped arse, standing at your desk demanding answers. This leads to a conservatism…