server room fire

Keep on Keeping on? Or Keep on Innovating?

At work in IT, there is just one situation where I joke that the solution is to move to a country with no extradition. Which of the following two do you think it is: An innovation fails to get off the ground? A file server cannot be restored? Everyone in IT knows all too well…


The Rise & Fall of a Social Giant

Google is shutting down its first social network Orkut tomorrow. To mark the event, Dublin-based video production company, One Productions, has drawn up this timeline of key events in Orkut’s 10 years on the internet.


Hacking (and Embarrassment) Through the Ages

Nowadays, if a new website goes live on the internet, it will take 15 minutes at most before it is probed for vulnerabilities. Back in Alexander Graham Bell’s time (1876), it took two years before a group of teenage boys tried to “hack” the system. Since they had been hired as operators and were on…


Smartphone Costs Around the World

An infographic looking at smartphone prices and usage around the world. Infographic designed and compiled by GO-Gulf, Dubai. The original blog post can be found here. by gogulf.

What the business really thinks of IT

What the Business Really Thinks of IT

I’ve covered a bit before on the often-fraught relationship between business and IT. There is a blog post here, for example, on Susan Cramm and 8 Things to Hate About IT. Meanwhile, Prof. Joe Peppard has lectured and written extensively on many facets of the IT-to-business interface. Things aren’t good. Things could be better. But…

Caelen King

Two Views on Data — It’s There But Be Careful What You Read In To It

There has never been as much data available as before. But is it any good? Jon Bradford (@jd) said the costs of starting a new business have collapsed in recent years. Yet the challenges remain the same. Bradford, who is Managing Director of TechStars in London, said early stage startups struggle to find the correct…

Blue He Man

You’ll Get Sick When You See How Growth Hacking Works!

This is the first of three posts. When Kieran Flanagan was 8 years old, he wanted a blue He -Man (the yoke on the right in the picture). Now HubSpot’s EMEA Marketing Director, the kid back then was short on funds. So, he came up with a plan to draw on his available resources and…

The Summit in Dublin

Summit Colossus Selling Out Hotels Already

A funny email arrived today. It was funny peculiar and funny ha ha — not just funny peculiar or just funny ha ha. It came from Paddy Cosgrave (@paddycosgrave), CEO of the The Summit, and was a reminder of the clout this event wields. The Summit (@theSummitHQ), formerly known as The Dublin Web Summit, sent…

Lego ad in 1981 versus 2014

What’s Wrong With Women in Tech?

A number of factors combine to make the tech world an uncomfortable place for women.

Bill Kerman on Shapeways

After Killing Retail, Tech is Now Bringing it Back to Life

When a colossus like IBM makes technology predictions, it has the feel of a self-fulfilling prophesy about it. With revenues of $99.75 billion in 2013, Big Blue has a lot of weight to throw behind its pet projects. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see what tech the company is betting on — especially if one…