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4 Life Lessons in Objectivity for Entrepreneurs

Drawing on his own experience, and his successes and failures in business, Liam McNamara tells entrepreneurs that objectivity and self-awareness will help them immensely.

Morgan McKeagney

6 Things I Know to be True About Entrepreneurship

People, sales, culture and matching big talk with big actions were the key tips offered by Morgan McKeagney (@morganmck), MD of iQ Content, one of Dublin’s leading web companies. Speaking at the monthly Last Tuesday meet up, McKeagney and Head of Marketing Irene Dehaene (@irenedehaene) offered a wealth of start-up and management advice to the…

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Tips on How to Clear That Creative Block

Exercise, change your routine, drink the juice of 10 oranges: All proven methods that help knock us out of that rut where creativity seems to have abandoned us. The tips were among many given by Richard Lawler (@StartInnovating), author of Innovation Demystified: Tapping In To Our Creative Core, at June’s Last Tuesday meet up in…

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A Peek Behind Innovation in the News

Amongst the immediacy and relevance of its news stream, Storyful regularly uncovers videos that go viral. The Dublin-based start-up’s latest feat was finding Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal— a YouTube marriage proposal that shot from 5,000 to 5.5 million views over the course of a weekend after it was pushed out to Storyful’s customers. “What is…

Hub House

Entrepreneurs & Chainsaws; A Startup Location With a Difference

Not many entrepreneurs who need a quick break get to plant potatoes or fire up a chainsaw. The normal city-centre environment just doesn’t cater for that kind of thing. But Hub House, a rambling pile on a large lot in Dublin’s suburbs, is a facility with a difference. Run as a non-profit with no public…

Business Model Canvas

Got a Startup Idea? Don’t Lock Yourself Away

Startups are urged to go lean — even in business planning. The NDRC’s Gary Leyden recommends using the one-page Business Model Canvas.

Adele Hinze

Four Tips for Dealing With Venture Capitalists

  Dealing with venture capitalists (VCs) can be a daunting task for first-time entrepreneurs. They often feel they have to accept investment offers despite misgivings about the amount of equity demanded. But by negotiating well, they needn’t give the business away, according to Adele Hinze, Founder and Executive Director at Angel Holdings. She was speaking…

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Of No Money & Minutia: A Year in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Keep it simple, keep it lean, get those first customers. That was the advice from Paul Cooling, CEO of (@ubecha). He was speaking at “Entrepreneurs Anonymous,” a group of early-stage business people looking to network or glean advice from others who have been through the wringer. The meetings were organized following the intensive Phase…

“Entrepreneurs Anonymous” Meet in Dublin

Following Endeavour’s intense and stimulating seven-week entrepreneurship program, some alumni have decided to continue to meet  once a month in Dublin. “I found meeting so many like-minded people did wonders for my motivation,” said organizer Priscilla Connolly, CEO of CMR Specialist Repair. “Meeting regularly will keep the interest level high and provide great networking opportunities.”…