3 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Project Statistic

What is it about project management that brings out the grim statistics? Saying 45% go over budget is bad enough. But it’s downright terrifying to add that 17% of projects go so badly wrong they threaten the very existence of the company. Those numbers came from McKinsey via David Reichental at a recent IASA (@IASAIreland)…

Sarah Courtney

Fail Fast, Fail Often: Lean Self-Improvement

Fail fast, fail often and, eventually, you will get it right, said Business & Life Coach, Sarah Courtney. Sarah’s advice was given at the Irish Computer Society (@IrishCompSoc) in a talk called, “The Unwritten Code to Getting What You Want.” Coaching is “not airy fairy stuff,” she told the group. It can a direct impact…


Managing Knowledge for Innovation Gain

Michael O’Duffy unleashed some of his animal passion for innovation at the Irish Computer Society last Friday with ducks, elephants and squirrels all thrown in to the mix. Timed to coincide with the Innovation Dublin festival, O’Duffy’s (@mnod) talk was on what we know, who knows what, and what we can do with it. His…


6 Tips For Digital Marketing

Anthony Quigley offers 6 tips on how to manage Digital Marketing.

Enterprise Architecture diagram

How 1 Drawing and 2 Questions Can Deliver (Yet) More Value from I.T.

Research shows that mapping a company’s Enterprise Architecture for senior executives is the first step in delivering more value from its IT investment.

Don’t Look to the Business for IT Innovation!

Prof. Joe Peppard

Three Tips to Align Business & IT Strategies

Prof. Joe Peppard outlines the gap between Information Services and Information Technology, and the push-pull tension with business technology

User Involvement Key to Building Effective Business Cases for IT

Done well, they can mean the difference between success and failure of IT projects. Done poorly, they can lead to failure, “delusional optimism” and even hamper IT’s room to innovate. The comments came from Prof. Joe Peppard at an Irish Computer Society (@IrishCompSoc) talk on Building the Business Case for IT Investments. A well-done business…

photo of krishna de

There’s a Conversation Going On Out There; 5 Ways to Stay In It

There’s a conversation going on out there, but we’re not in it. The complaint was made by an arm of the Irish government press office. And regardless of what you may think of their plight, the central point is worth remembering: The social web is a big place and stuff is being said. Oscar Wilde,…

IP drawing

Another View on Intellectual Property

There is no point trying to patent software, according to multiple speakers at the Dublin Web Summit. Your idea will be copied anyway, said Eamonn Fallon, co-founder of Talking about your idea forces you to keep working on it, said Jan Reichelt, founder of Mendeley, a productivity tool for academic researchers. Insisting on a…