A Project Management Plan Will Astound You

Part of an ongoing series of blogging the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Develop Project Management Plan

With initiation complete, it is time to start planning the project. This is a huge process group because it contains 24 of the 47 processes.

Falling within the Project Integration Management knowledge area (first of 10), Develop PM Plan is basically the process of developing all your subsidiary plans and integrating them. This Project Management Plan defines the basis of all project work.

Develop PM Plan ITTO

Develop PM Plan ITTO

Inputs include the project charter, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets. They also include outputs from other processes such as management plans for HR, Cost, Communications, Risk, etc., etc. Looking at each of those plans, you will see one of their inputs is the Project Management Plan. Clearly this is an iterative process.

Tools and techniques include expert judgment to tailor the process to meet project needs, determine resources and skills required and prioritize work. Another tool is facilitation techniques.

The single output is the Project Management Plan itself. It integrates all subsidiary plans and baselines, and lays out how the project will be executed, monitored and controlled. In addition to the feeder plans, the PM Plan could have the project life cycle, stakeholder communication, change and configuration plans among other items.

PM Plans can have different levels of details depending on the project. Once it is baselined, it may only be changed once a change request is generated and approved.

Plan Scope Management

One of the first processes to tackle is Plan Scope Management. It will be the first of four scope processes that take part early in the project.

Plan Scope Management lays out how we define, validate and control the project’s scope. It is an input to the Project Management Plan which, in turn, inputs in to the Scope Management Plan.

Plan Scope Management ITTO

Plan Scope Management ITTO

The main goal here is to avoid scope creep.

Inputs have already been described elsewhere as have tools and techniques. As expected, an output is the Scope Management Plan itself. This tells how the scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled and verified.

It is a major contributor to other processes. Elements of this plan could include processes for creation and maintenance of the work breakdown structure (WBS), formal acceptance of deliverables, etc.

Another output is the Requirements Management Plan which does what it says on the tin. It can include the way requirements will be planned and monitored; configuration management; a prioritization process; product metrics, etc.

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