Web Summit 2014: Have Pass, Will Travel

#WebSummit2014 mascotSo my blogger pass to the Web Summit (#WebSummit2014) arrived in that new fangled electronic email today.

I don’t know much about the internet, or “web,” as some people call it, and I have a terrible suspicion it might all be a fad.

Nevertheless, I’ll be there to see what all these young whippersnappers are doing with their “mice” and “HTML” and whatnots.

The Web Summit kept it lean, as always, in obtaining a new mascot. They held a competition which was won by Maggie Tan in Malaysia.

The Food Summit was a new addition last year. That returns along with new arrivals the Film Summit and the Music Summit.

I’ll be there with my purple blogger pass and my name should have me listed as Founder, CEO, Editor & Publisher of Interglobal Media News Publishing Corp.

It’s more aspirational than actual at this point.

Webot image created by Maggie Tan for the Web Summit.