Infographic: Data Breaches in the US in 2014

There was good news and bad news when it came to data breaches in America last year.

The bad news: The number of breaches was up 27.5% over 2013. The good news is that the amount of data involved was down 7.1%.

The figures come courtesy of 27001 Academy, an online center specializing in ISO 27001 security management training and documentation.

Stats compiled by the company show that almost 92 million records were compromised in 2013. This dropped to around 85.6 million last year.

When industrial sectors are examined, the amount of breaches probably reflects the level of their respective infosec maturity.

The US government and military reported 92 incidents – up from 60 the previous year. Banking & Finance rowed in with 43 – up from 34 in 2013.

But lax attitudes in business make them attractive targets for criminals.

In late 2013, for example, a now-notorious hack on Target in the US led to the theft of millions of credit-card numbers. Business Insider has a good article on the value of that information here. The Target attack came via a weak link supplied to an external HVAC contractor.

However, they were not the only ones. Sony Pictures Entertainment sparked an international incident and a (possible) North Korean reprisal when its systems were compromised in 2014.

In addition to developing the infographic below, 27001 Academy has also developed a free eBook 9 Steps to Cybersecurity.