Top 10 Posts All Entrepreneur Related

Countries with visitors to

The list below shows the most visited pages on this website in 2014. Although I write about a number of issues, the most popular ones were all related to entrepreneurship.

So, here are the Top 10:

  1. The Entrepreneurs Anonymous (EA) page here
  2. Gary Leyden of the NDRC on how to use the Business Model Canvas. This has been one of the most consistently popular pages since it was published in November 2011.
  3. Ellen Dudley’s amazing story of how life-threatening cancer forced a fundamental rethink of her life.
  4. An article on how businesses stood out from the crowd at the Web Summit.
  5. I turned to Upworthy for inspiration on this headline: You’ll Get Sick When You See How Growth Hacking Works!
  6. This was another Web Summit article on how entrepreneurs should manage press relations. It didn’t hurt to have TechCrunch‘s Mike Butcher retweeet it, either!
  7. Just posted in early December and already at number 7, this was a collection of jokes about entrepreneurship.
  8. This is another relatively new post. In late November, I made an infographic on Venture Funding in Ireland.
  9. Jochen Lillich spoke at Entrepreneurs Anonymous in June, and he shared some of the management philosophy in his startup, Freistil IT.
  10. Finally, the March 2014 EA meetup featuring advice from a number of speakers.

Meanwhile, the map above is from Google Analytics and shows which countries sent the most visitors.

While allowances can be made for the developing world, there is absolutely no good reason why no one from Iceland ever showed up.