Mark Suster

5 Tips & 3 Thoughts For Entrepreneurs

Starting a company is like making sausage, so don’t be fooled by the other guy’s press release. It’s probably as ugly behind the scenes there, according to Los Angeles-based venture capitalist, Mark Suster. Speaking at the 2013 Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ), Suster (@msuster) was introduced by conference organizer Paddy Cosgrave (@paddycosgrave) as “one of the most…


10 Tips For Building a Killer Startup

Be careful building that killer startup, said serial entrepreneur Michael Acton Smith. Its first victim could be you! Speaking at the Dublin Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ), the Moshi Monsters guy (@acton) outlined his tips for entrepreneurs and threw in a health warning: “Many of them almost killed me with their craziness and intensity,” he said. Once…

baby pumping fist

7 eCommerce Tips

Keep it simple and get inside the customer’s  head when it comes to eCommerce. But be prepared for an awful lot of work, said Colm Griffin, founder and CEO of (@purchasedotie). His comments came at the monthly Entrepreneurs Anonymous event and it kicked off an extremely busy Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ) week in Dublin, Ireland.…

Denise O'Grady

10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurial success stories are based on someone successfully identifying a problem — then working like mad to take it to market. That happened Denise O’Grady. In her old job as a teacher, she constantly saw “the chain” break. These chains are arrangements where Parent 1 is notified of an event such as a canceled…

three decision doors

The Dark Side of Innovation – Book Review

You are in a restaurant enjoying a meal with some good company. Then, looking uneasy, the waiter comes over and says there is a man called Zollo outside. He has a gun and a sword and a decision for you. If you chose the gun, you must play Russian roulette. If you chose the sword,…


Some Success Stories From The Start-up World

I ran a free “job dating” thing for entrepreneurs recently. Then I decided to call it the Co-Founder Finder Confab. It was thrown together based on a complaint/question I am often asked: Where do I find a co-founder? So, with the help of Darren Mulvihill (@DarrenMulvihill), Head of Seed Investing at Lucey Technology (@LuceyTechnology), and…

Americas Best Bosses

You May Know The Companies – But Do You Know the CEO?

Nifty infographic on America’s Best Bosses. Not all of them are high profile.

Grace Hopper coined "debug"

Ingenious Tech Innovation That Happened On This Day

World War II was raging and the U.S. had firepower. But was it accurate? It “had battleships that could lob shells weighing as much as a small car over distances up to 25 miles,” according to Moreover, there were equations to determine how wind, gravity, muzzle velocity and other factors would affect trajectory. “But…


5 More Tips For Startups

This is Part II of Tony Staunton’s talk at Entrepreneurs Anonymous. Part I is here.   “Get your equity sorted early,” Staunton told the group, “before it starts to get awkward.” Discussions should be held early with all who are getting a stake, he said. Clear agreements will prevent disputes and hurt feelings later. “I’ve…

Tony Staunton

3 Tips for Startups: Flexibility, Validation & Cheap Money

He came, he saw, he almost choked, but he still walked away with the big cash prize. As the recent LaunchPad accelerator closed with its customary pitching competition, Tony Staunton took to the podium to market PropertyGate. “I completely lost my way three minutes in to the pitch and left two minutes out,” he told…