Infographic: YouTube Grows From Teething to 10 Year Old

Here’s a fun infographic with an innovative twist: It shows the first 10 years of YouTube’s life mapped to those of a child. Developed by One Productions, a creative communications company based in Dublin, Ireland, the infographic celebrates YouTube’s upcoming 10th birthday. It’s not the first infographic One Productions has sent this way. Their last…

Obama presidential campaign A/B test

A/B Tests: No narrative for you, my friend

If you move in exciting circles like I do, you will no doubt be familiar with some of the caveats you hear about A/B testing. For those of you with more sheltered lives, A/B testing is a technique to determine which version of a web page is more effective in influencing visitors’ behavior. Some visitors…

Countries with visitors to

Top 10 Posts All Entrepreneur Related

The list below shows the most visited pages on this website in 2014. Although I write about a number of issues, the most popular ones were all related to entrepreneurship. So, here are the Top 10: The Entrepreneurs Anonymous (EA) page here Gary Leyden of the NDRC on how to use the Business Model Canvas.…

data breaches in 2014 in US

Infographic: Data Breaches in the US in 2014

There was good news and bad news when it came to data breaches in America last year. The bad news: The number of breaches was up 27.5% over 2013. The good news is that the amount of data involved was down 7.1%. The figures come courtesy of 27001 Academy, an online center specializing in ISO…


How to Quit & 6 Other Tips for Entrepreneurs

Se├ín O’Riordan had a steady job in a Big Four accounting firm. It looked reliable and recession-proof. What’s more, he came from a family with a high regard for such jobs. So, he was a little nervous at the thought of telling them he wanted to chuck it all in for the uncertainty of a…


You Cannot Shrink Your Way to Growth

We all know what a failing business looks like. The atomosphere is gone, the place looks scruffy and employees look deflated. IBM has a long and storied existence. But is it a failing business? Following earnings results this week, some media are raising the alarm. Revenues were $92.8 billion in 2013, but are down for…


Top 10 ways you can tell if you are an entrepreneur & other jokes

1. Your wife always knows where you are. 2. You are the only one in the company that fears and hates pay day. 3. You have more than 365 days of “comp time” accumulated. 4. You limit your fluid intake so you can stay at your desk longer. 5. Your rich friends wince every time…


Get Ready to Waste Time & 9 Other Tips for Entrepreneurs

It’s the entrepreneur’s routine affliction. They start out with a brilliant idea and start building it. Then, reality intervenes and they find the final product is nothing like they envisioned. There are usually four steps to getting it right, said Manoj Chawla. You start by doing the wrong thing the wrong way. Then you do…

European venture capital flows

Venture Funding in Ireland 2013

I went through the Irish Venture Capital Association’s 2013 report to see what facts and figures were interesting. The result was the infographic below. Feel free to share.

Ezekiel's vision

200-Year-Old Newspaper Acts Like Tech Whippersnapper

Angelina Jolie had some bad news to share in May 2013 when she told the world about her double mastectomy. Jolie spoke about her condition in an article called “My Medical Choice” in the New York Times. But if you Google “Angelina Jolie double mastectomy,” the Times’ article does not show up in the first…