European venture capital flows

Venture Funding in Ireland 2013

I went through the Irish Venture Capital Association’s 2013 report to see what facts and figures were interesting. The result was the infographic below. Feel free to share.


Innovating Incubation

There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. So when your startup steps in to a crowded market, you run a real risk of being ignored. It’s why startups spend so much time differentiating themselves. Enter Pitchswag in to the crowded incubator space. There are lots…

Odorono ad

2 Tips to Attract the Customer’s Attention

At the turn of the last century, it was taboo to talk about stinky armpits. It just wasn’t done in polite society. You stuck cotton wool or pads under your oxter, soaked up the sweat and said no more about it. There was no deodorant and, besides, it would have been tough to sell it…

Nicky Kelly, CEO & founder

What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

Many people dream of turning their passion into their jobs while many entrepreneurs dream of turning solutions in to businesses. Nicky Kelly did both. Founder and CEO of, Kelly has navigated a series of near-fatal blows in his move from a part-time business/hobby to one ready for investment and world domination. SurfHolidays now has…

customer value perception

4 Steps from Boring Service to IT Innovation

So you didn’t get in to IT to be a glorified butler or waiter? Yet you find yourself in a reactive/passive environment with gazillions of dollars worth of IT stuff behind you — stuff that could power the organization ahead. Part of the problem might be your, or somebody else’s, thinking. Listen to some of…

Strategies for ITSM Processes

IT: A Quick Sanity Check Before Becoming Entrepreneurial

A previous post looked at some types of IT department from butlers to entrepreneurs. The butlers are more reactive while the entrepreneurs, obviously, are more proactive by launching themselves at business problems. If you feel you are viewed as a butler, and chafing at the role, the suggestion was to first build a solid IT…

snobby butler

IT: Smack Them in the Kisser with Entrepreneurial Flair

In the world of IT, there is a strong emphasis on keeping the lights on. You don’t want to do anything that will cause an outage. The last thing you need is some senior VP, with a face on him like a slapped arse, standing at your desk demanding answers. This leads to a conservatism…

Niamh Bushnell

Startup Job for a Startup City

We all know the feeling: When you see a job description that looks like it was written with you in mind. “That job is me!” Niamh Bushnell thought when she read the email describing Dublin’s first Commissioner for Startups. The email was sent out to  entreprenati earlier this year when the city was seeking candidates…

Fiachra Ó Comhraí

A Startup is Not the Place to Make Money

Fiachra Ó Comhraí started his own company and gave himself the job title of Player 1. The company, Gordon Games, took off and Ó Comhraí decided it was time to grow up and change his title to CEO. People wouldn’t have that and he’s still Player 1. Even says so on his website. It was just one…


Don’t Waste Time Starting Your Own Business

It was one of those nuggets of advice that came unexpectedly but bears repeating: If your startup idea is crap, or if your understanding of how startups work is crap, go work for a startup instead. The comment came during a Q&A session at Entrepreneurs Anonymous, a monthly meetup I co-run for early stage and…