Think Like an Athlete: 11 Tips for Business

Think like an athlete, learn to sell and know noise. Those were among the tips offered up to entrepreneurs by Denis Breen (@profitpal_denis) at this month’s Entrepreneurs Anonymous meetup. Managing Director of ProfitPal (@profitpalie), an accounting and tax advice firm, Breen was passing on advice gleaned from his own experience and his company’s dealings with…

Caelen King

Two Views on Data — It’s There But Be Careful What You Read In To It

There has never been as much data available as before. But is it any good? Jon Bradford (@jd) said the costs of starting a new business have collapsed in recent years. Yet the challenges remain the same. Bradford, who is Managing Director of TechStars in London, said early stage startups struggle to find the correct…

Paul O'Connor, POLUS Intelligence

An Entrepreneur Answers Your Questions

This is the second part of a post written by Ruth Underwood. Part I is here. After the talk, O’Connor was asked if it is fair to tell someone they don’t have the answers to the 3 questions? You have no right to tell someone they don’t have the answers to those 3 questions because you…

Paul O'Connor POLUS Intelligence

The emotional tolls of starting your own business

This post was written by Ruth Underwood. This is the first of three posts. Part II is here. Getting a frank and honest tale of an entrepreneur’s rise and falls, and how he has managed to deal with the many risks and obstacles he has had to over come, is one of the key attractions of…

Blue He Man

You’ll Get Sick When You See How Growth Hacking Works!

This is the first of three posts. When Kieran Flanagan was 8 years old, he wanted a blue He -Man (the yoke on the right in the picture). Now HubSpot’s EMEA Marketing Director, the kid back then was short on funds. So, he came up with a plan to draw on his available resources and…

Toner's Pub, Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland

Do I Need a Business Plan & 4 Other Questions

 Talk is cheap, but guidance based on hard-won experience is a little more valuable. March’s Entrepreneurs Anonymous featured a raft of advice from established entrepreneurs on a wide range of topics. Departing from its usual speaker format, this month’s meetup was purely a Q&A format. The questions were answered by a panel of experts —…

Lego ad in 1981 versus 2014

What’s Wrong With Women in Tech?

A number of factors combine to make the tech world an uncomfortable place for women.

Ellen Dudley

The Highs and Very Low Lows of an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial life has its highs and lows. But you’d practically get vertigo looking down at some of the lows Ellen Dudley has faced. The Limerick woman has overcome cancer, a broken marriage and has seen more than one potentially lucrative exit from her start-up fall through. Speaking at February’s Entrepreneurs Anonymous, Dudley (@MeetFoReal) told…

Bill Kerman on Shapeways

After Killing Retail, Tech is Now Bringing it Back to Life

When a colossus like IBM makes technology predictions, it has the feel of a self-fulfilling prophesy about it. With revenues of $99.75 billion in 2013, Big Blue has a lot of weight to throw behind its pet projects. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see what tech the company is betting on — especially if one…


Mixed Messages on Entrepreneurship

How do you know if a country is doing enough to stimulate entrepreneurship? The question came after reading an academic paper called “Do serial entrepreneurs run successively better-performing businesses?” Written by Simon C. Parker, it has just been published in the Journal of Business Venturing. Tapping the US Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) database,…