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Top 10 Posts All Entrepreneur Related

The list below shows the most visited pages on this website in 2014. Although I write about a number of issues, the most popular ones were all related to entrepreneurship. So, here are the Top 10: The Entrepreneurs Anonymous (EA) page here Gary Leyden of the NDRC on how to use the Business Model Canvas.…


Top 10 ways you can tell if you are an entrepreneur & other jokes

1. Your wife always knows where you are. 2. You are the only one in the company that fears and hates pay day. 3. You have more than 365 days of “comp time” accumulated. 4. You limit your fluid intake so you can stay at your desk longer. 5. Your rich friends wince every time…

Andrew Marshall & John Lewis on #innochat

Inert & Debt Ridden: Time to Innovate?

With firm Medieval traditions and a largely unchanged Victorian delivery system, is it any wonder modern employers demand better of its “output”? The complaints vary by country about university education, but money is always an issue. The added twist in America is the debt load taken on by students. That now stands at €1.2 trillion!…

#WebSummit2014 mascot

Web Summit 2014: Have Pass, Will Travel

So my blogger pass to the Web Summit (#WebSummit2014) arrived in that new fangled electronic email today. I don’t know much about the internet, or “web,” as some people call it, and I have a terrible suspicion it might all be a fad. Nevertheless, I’ll be there to see what all these young whippersnappers are…


Hacking (and Embarrassment) Through the Ages

Nowadays, if a new website goes live on the internet, it will take 15 minutes at most before it is probed for vulnerabilities. Back in Alexander Graham Bell’s time (1876), it took two years before a group of teenage boys tried to “hack” the system. Since they had been hired as operators and were on…

Iconic robots from TV and the movies

Iconic Robots of the Big & Small Screen

I would have thought there were more. But you can’t go wrong with Bender. .

Blue He Man

You’ll Get Sick When You See How Growth Hacking Works!

This is the first of three posts. When Kieran Flanagan was 8 years old, he wanted a blue He -Man (the yoke on the right in the picture). Now HubSpot’s EMEA Marketing Director, the kid back then was short on funds. So, he came up with a plan to draw on his available resources and…

Dublin Whiskey Company

Fail Slow. This Stuff Takes Time

One of the many core principles among entrepreneurs, especially tech start-ups, is to “fail fast.” This is the concept of getting something to market — sooner rather than later — to test if your product or software is viable. The idea is to let your customers tell you if you are on the right track…

Karl Monaghan

I Know You Don’t Normally Do This…A Look at One of Ireland’s Most Popular Websites

They have the traffic but sometimes the reason eludes them. With 13 million visits over the last year, the satirical Irish website is one of Ireland’s most popular. But telling which articles will be popular can be a challenge. And, now in its fourth year, Broadsheet is still growing. Visits were up over 30…


Start-up Advice: “Be Ballsy,” Buy Whiskey

This is Part 2 of the talk by Patrick Leddy (@FuriousLeddy), CEO of Furious Tribe. Part 1 is here. Still on the bleeding edge of mobile development, the break for Furious Tribe came when Leddy was invited to speak at a mobile conference in London. Terrified of public speaking, his initial reaction was to turn…