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He Sold the Family Jewels – Literally

Patrick Leddy showed his entrepreneurial side early in life. His first business was when he was 8 years old, he said. One weekend, he went around the house and gathered up the family jewelry and “prized possessions.” He brought them all out front where he held a sale of work (yard sale) and earned a…

This is a picture of Ray Kroc's first McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines IL USA - now a museum.

From Immigration to Mega-Wealth

This post first appeared on the Irish Executives Network blog. The month of May in the history of entrepreneurship and the Irish Diaspora marks the founding of one of the most famous restaurants of our time: McDonald’s. Founded 15 May 1940 by the children of Irish immigrants to America, McDonald’s is now a $27.5 billion…

If Good Ideas Fail, Do Bad Ideas Succeed? In a Word, Yes

In a previous post, I lightheartedly wondered what would happen if someone with a good idea went before Venture Capitalists who were not quite ready to see the idea’s potential. That idea fails to progress, and a major innovation is lost to society. In the post, it was Karl Benz pitching his newfangled car which,…

1885 Benz

Are You Investor Ready?″

Pitching a business idea to potential investors takes a lot of work. Content needs to be prepped, pitches rehearsed and questions anticipated. But, when all is said and done, is it proposal investor ready? Are the investors product ready? To illustrate the point, imagine Karl Benz, inventor of the car, before a panel of Venture…

The Unlikely Links Between Ireland, St. Valentine and the Word “Entrepreneur”

This post first appeared in the Irish Executive Network blog. This month’s brief was to write a St. Valentine’s flavored blog post. Coupled with a theme of entrepreneurship, and then hit with some expert procrastination, it was beginning to look like the post would be a dog’s dinner of bad puns about how entrepreneurs “love”…

Psych out your troll

The Psychology of Trolling.

All you wanted to know about trolling and how to stop it. Comments can be left at the bottom of the page.


January 19: This Day in Innovation – Some Days a Lot of Stuff Happens

1840 Charles Wilkes circumnavigates Antartica and claims a chunk that later became known as Wilkes Land for the United States. The Australians also claim the land as part of the Australian Antarctic Territory. At the time, however, Wilkes was an explorer commanding the United States Exploring Expedition. According to Wikipedia, “The naming is in recognition…


10 Geeks You Should Know

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From PIIGS to 80s Tech: Inspiration Insights From a Designer

It’s one thing to hand out business cards before a talk to a lecture theater full of strangers. But it’s a brave man who hands out his iPhone too because it has Layar, an augmented reality app, that can read the back of the card. Luckily for designer, David Pope, he was dealing with an…

Management Juggling Sports, Business & Volunteers

More than mere entertainment but much more than a business, Ireland’s sporting bodies present unique challenges for their leadership teams.