4 Ways to Rethink The CIO Role – Infographic

Graphic courtesy The Enterprisers Project.

cubicle farm

Take All the (Vacation) Time You Like, Just Get the Job Done

If you told most managers their workers would be more productive with unlimited time off, the bosses would probably wonder about your mental well being. Yet, a few companies do just that and swear by the results. However, “If you treat people like adults, they will act like adults” is a cliche not always lived…

Blue He Man

You’ll Get Sick When You See How Growth Hacking Works!

This is the first of three posts. When Kieran Flanagan was 8 years old, he wanted a blue He -Man (the yoke on the right in the picture). Now HubSpot’s EMEA Marketing Director, the kid back then was short on funds. So, he came up with a plan to draw on his available resources and…


Europe’s Innovation Landscape Remains Boring

Europe is slowly closing its innovation gap with the U.S. But national innovation rankings within Europe remain stable, according to the European Union (EU). Released today, the EU’s annual Innovation Union Scorecard for 2014 measures innovation in the EU and other European countries. The report also measures their innovation against efforts in Japan, South Korea…

Bill Kerman on Shapeways

After Killing Retail, Tech is Now Bringing it Back to Life

When a colossus like IBM makes technology predictions, it has the feel of a self-fulfilling prophesy about it. With revenues of $99.75 billion in 2013, Big Blue has a lot of weight to throw behind its pet projects. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see what tech the company is betting on — especially if one…


The Efficiency Trap

This post first appeared in the Irish Executives Network blog. Doesn’t “moving the goalposts” sound unfair? When leveled at a person, the accusation conjures up images of an underhanded and devious individual — the kind of person you want inside your tent spitting out! Moving the goalposts may be the mark of a shifty personality…

Stuart McGoldrick

Entrepreneur: “Einstein Was Wrong” & 3 More Tips For Startups

Einstein would have made a lousy entrepreneur. Or maybe he just would have gotten one of the basics wrong. The scientist, whose name is now synonymous with intelligence, once said that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” But, as a fresh-faced, 14-year-old entrepreneur, Stuart McGoldrick found the opposite was the case. Flush from the success…

three decision doors

The Dark Side of Innovation – Book Review

You are in a restaurant enjoying a meal with some good company. Then, looking uneasy, the waiter comes over and says there is a man called Zollo outside. He has a gun and a sword and a decision for you. If you chose the gun, you must play Russian roulette. If you chose the sword,…

Grace Hopper coined "debug"

Ingenious Tech Innovation That Happened On This Day

World War II was raging and the U.S. had firepower. But was it accurate? It “had battleships that could lob shells weighing as much as a small car over distances up to 25 miles,” according to ComputerScienceLab.com. Moreover, there were equations to determine how wind, gravity, muzzle velocity and other factors would affect trajectory. “But…

1885 Benz

Are You Investor Ready?


Pitching a business idea to potential investors takes a lot of work. Content needs to be prepped, pitches rehearsed and questions anticipated. But, when all is said and done, is it proposal investor ready? Are the investors product ready? To illustrate the point, imagine Karl Benz, inventor of the car, before a panel of Venture…