Organic only is falling on Facebook

“Facebook Zero” — Organic Reach on Facebook to Join Dodo & Dinosaur

Organic reach on Facebook is approaching zero. Zero as in zilch, nada, nichts and nothing. This will have implications for digital marketing plans as the Menlo Park giant slowly squeezes the reach of organic from brand pages, according to Marshall Manson (@marshallmanson), MD of Ogilvy EAME. Manson just has authored a study for Ogilvy and…

three decision doors

The Dark Side of Innovation – Book Review

You are in a restaurant enjoying a meal with some good company. Then, looking uneasy, the waiter comes over and says there is a man called Zollo outside. He has a gun and a sword and a decision for you. If you chose the gun, you must play Russian roulette. If you chose the sword,…

Americas Best Bosses

You May Know The Companies – But Do You Know the CEO?

Nifty infographic on America’s Best Bosses. Not all of them are high profile.

Edward Snowden

Would you hire someone who is extremely capable but “highly individualist, moralist, elitist, arrogant about his superior intellect … contemptuous of corporate profiteering … and, at times, fond of anti-authoritarian sloganeering”?

Can Innovation be Applied to Professional Sports?

This is Part II of the MBA Beauchamps Series October event, ‘A Conversation on the Business of Sport.’ Part I is here. Asked about innovations they have seen or would be beneficial, McDonald of Horse Sport Ireland said, “Professional sport is all about TV.” Show jumping does not feature as prominently on TV as it…

Management Juggling Sports, Business & Volunteers

More than mere entertainment but much more than a business, Ireland’s sporting bodies present unique challenges for their leadership teams.


Managing Knowledge for Innovation Gain

Michael O’Duffy unleashed some of his animal passion for innovation at the Irish Computer Society last Friday with ducks, elephants and squirrels all thrown in to the mix. Timed to coincide with the Innovation Dublin festival, O’Duffy’s (@mnod) talk was on what we know, who knows what, and what we can do with it. His…

fat dump and happy pig

‘Fat, Dumb & Happy Does Not an Innovation Powerhouse Make’

Billed as an “innovation smackdown,” this week’s innochat addressed the thorny topic of who innovates more: big companies or startups? “Most people believe startups have an edge, but large companies have done well too,” said Gwen Ishmael (@Gwen_Ishmael) SVP Insights & Innovation at Decision Analyst Inc. in Texas, and this week’s chat moderator. The framing post…

Companies Should be More Organized About Harnessing Employees’ Ideas

Bad bosses that do not value employee’s input accidentally spur innovation. Meanwhile, a workplace survey in Ireland shows a huge majority of workers feel their suggestions can help the business but there is no means of harnessing these ideas.

Illustration of social media addict

Social Media Not Just for Marketing Dept.

Although often seen as a new tool for Marketing people, social media (SM) is having a much greater impact on traditional organizations than is yet recognized. The issue of social media and the innovation changes it will force on companies was the topic of this week’s #innochat, a Twitter conversation held by innovation experts and…