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Best Practices Advice Published

I wrote a chapter for the first Best Practices book by Irish Executive Press. It is available on kindle and in physical form from Amazon. Some of the publicity blurb is below. From a concept and an idea at our Irish Executives inaugural global summit in Galway in 2011 to reality – demonstrating the power…

Salesman illustration

How to Tap Sales to Drive Innovation

What role can the Sales organization play in a company? Is its proximity to the customer a benefit? Or do sales incentives stymie a salesman’s motivation to share knowledge? Those were some of the taxing issues tackled at today’s Innochat, a weekly Twitter conversation attended by innovation experts, practitioners and assorted hangers on from around…

Morgan McKeagney

6 Things I Know to be True About Entrepreneurship

People, sales, culture and matching big talk with big actions were the key tips offered by Morgan McKeagney (@morganmck), MD of iQ Content, one of Dublin’s leading web companies. Speaking at the monthly Last Tuesday meet up, McKeagney and Head of Marketing Irene Dehaene (@irenedehaene) offered a wealth of start-up and management advice to the…

five cogs of innovation

Should I do my Work? Or Wait Until Someone Important is Watching?

If you work in IT, you can do lots of interesting and innovative stuff. You could virtualize your data center, or speed your backups up by 50 percent. But who will notice? Better yet, how many of them will care? Although the projects may be worthwhile and, indeed, be rewarding for the techies working on…

three model cavemen

“Even Cavemen Learned That You Innovate or Die!”

Companies can face different challenges in their markets and with their customers depending on how they position themselves strategically on the innovation spectrum.

Analytics, Meet “Mad Men”

Despite the restrictions imposed by online advertising, there is room for creativity. It’s in the numbers

5 Tips for Small Companies Looking to Export to Non-Anglophone Countries

Ross O’Loughlin explains how even the smallest companies should approach non-English speaking markets.

Enterprise Architecture diagram

How 1 Drawing and 2 Questions Can Deliver (Yet) More Value from I.T.

Research shows that mapping a company’s Enterprise Architecture for senior executives is the first step in delivering more value from its IT investment.

behind the R&D lab

Nature. Nurture. Nightmare — Innovative Leadership Traits

This is Part II of this week’s innochat on Twitter. Part I is here. Leadership Traits Marshall’s next question was what are the traits of leaders of those innovative enterprises that people admire? “Innovative leaders adopt a ‘beginner’s mindset — open, collaborative and deeply curious,” said Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar). They are “guided by imagination first,…

innovation team

Nature. Nurture. Nightmare. What Does it Take to Build an Innovative Enterprise?

Against the backdrop of the Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs and a framing post here, innovation practitioners from around the globe tackled the question of “what does it take to build an innovative enterprise?” The discussion came on this week’s innochat, which was moderated by Andrew Marshall (@drewCM) of Primed Associates. (This is Part…