Don’t Look to the Business for IT Innovation!

Prof. Joe Peppard

Three Tips to Align Business & IT Strategies

Prof. Joe Peppard outlines the gap between Information Services and Information Technology, and the push-pull tension with business technology


The Impact of Scarcity on Innovation

Does a shortage of resources hurt innovation? And what can innovation practitioners do to ensure companies are ready for the upturn?

Pruned tree

Is Efficiency Innovation’s Enemy?

A group of innovation experts discusses whether efficiency in organizations can stifle innovation.

Building materials

How The Recession is Saving Business (Or at least one of them)

Amongst all the recent bad economic news, it is nice to hear a success story. It is even more surprising when the company is in the devastated construction sector, sells a commodity product and its recent success is the result of the economic downturn. Speaking recently to a group of business leaders, the company CEO…

Failure: picture of statue with face palm

4 Ways to Manage Failure

  Starting a business is so tricky that most are bound to fail. But failure teaches important lessons and can be managed, according to Colm Lyon (@colmlyon), CEO and founder of Realex Payments. Speaking at the second annual Dotconf (@dotconf) today, Lyon recounted his experiences setting up Realex (@realexpayments) around 11 years ago and gave…

Photo of Norah Casey

Win! Free! Sex! 10 Secrets to Start Your Business

Hopefully that headline grabbed your attention. It might even be more effective on Twitter. It contains many of the keywords designed to hook you on magazine covers, according to Norah Casey, owner and CEO of Harmonia, Ireland’s largest publisher. Casey is also one of the potential investors on Ireland’s version of The Dragons’ Den TV…

Wooden model of academic

Lock Up Your Innovators: The Academics Are Loose

  An “alarming trend” sees stodgy academics, turgid papers in hand, descending slothlike on the fast-paced but unsuspecting innovation domain. Writing in Bloomberg Businessweek, G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Vitón claim major corporations are turning to academics to institute innovation programs, but should be looking elsewhere for advice. According to the authors, “No one…

Will IT Slowly Strangle Corporate Outposts?

While the home of most corporate parents (America) worries that IT may not be helping the business enough, the home of many subsidiaries (Ireland) worries that IT is a tool that will force the closure of corporate outposts. Writing in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog, R. “Ray” Wang says four personas of the next-generation…

User Involvement Key to Building Effective Business Cases for IT

Done well, they can mean the difference between success and failure of IT projects. Done poorly, they can lead to failure, “delusional optimism” and even hamper IT’s room to innovate. The comments came from Prof. Joe Peppard at an Irish Computer Society (@IrishCompSoc) talk on Building the Business Case for IT Investments. A well-done business…