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Tips on How to Clear That Creative Block

Exercise, change your routine, drink the juice of 10 oranges: All proven methods that help knock us out of that rut where creativity seems to have abandoned us. The tips were among many given by Richard Lawler (@StartInnovating), author of Innovation Demystified: Tapping In To Our Creative Core, at June’s Last Tuesday meet up in…


Managing Your Career

When Brian McIvor started his career in insurance, it was in a different age. His boss told him he would be working in insurance to age 65. Now a career coach and author, McIvor said the jobs environment has changed radically. In a climate where fear, uncertainty and pressure are the norm, the adage is…

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Should I do my Work? Or Wait Until Someone Important is Watching?

If you work in IT, you can do lots of interesting and innovative stuff. You could virtualize your data center, or speed your backups up by 50 percent. But who will notice? Better yet, how many of them will care? Although the projects may be worthwhile and, indeed, be rewarding for the techies working on…

Martha Rotter

New Tech is Great but “Beware the Shiny”

Despite the onslaught of new technologies, there is no need to become overwhelmed or spread too thinly. Martha Rotter explains how.

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Goal Setting Sets the Genders Apart

There are some obvious differences between men and women at work, but one difference sets the genders apart and propels more men in to leadership positions: Goal setting. This is critical for career success, according to Karen McCormick, VP of HR for Kellogg Europe. Men will say things like “my goals were…” whereas women can…

Bill Liao

Man Refuses to Fly, Understands Language

Bill Liao is a techie entreneur who made his first million by changing his language. And not PHP, Javascript or some other computer language. He did it by changing plain old English (or maybe plain old Mandarin, because he’s bilingual). Liao (@liaonet), successful entrepreneur, co-founder of Xing, author of Stone Soup, Special Diplomatic envoy for…

More Reasons to Despair About Money

Emotions can cloud decisions and interfere with rational thought around personal finances.

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4 Ways to Manage Failure

  Starting a business is so tricky that most are bound to fail. But failure teaches important lessons and can be managed, according to Colm Lyon (@colmlyon), CEO and founder of Realex Payments. Speaking at the second annual Dotconf (@dotconf) today, Lyon recounted his experiences setting up Realex (@realexpayments) around 11 years ago and gave…

Josh Klein

Hack Work. Detach from Work. Just be Careful.

That work can be frustrating or annoying goes without saying. That we can do something about it often seems like a forlorn hope. Great advice on how to maintain your sanity comes from Josh Klein (@joshuaklein) and Bill Jensen (@simpletonbill) in Hacking Work — Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results. “Just two guys who have…

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Using the “Funnel of Serendipity”

“We’re the only country with a physical infrastructure in every town in the world,” said Kingsley Aikins. Speaking of the ubiquitous Irish bar, he said Ireland should be networking with the worldwide Irish as a means of digging out of the recession back home. Speaking at the MBA Association of Ireland’s monthly Dublin gathering last…