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How Big Data Can Drive Strategy

Strategy is a funny old word. Although it’s bandied around a lot, almost everyone has a different meaning. If asked, for example, what a general’s strategy is in war, most people would say, “It’s to beat the enemy and win.” But surely apart from traitors and the deluded, that is every general’s strategy. In business,…

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7 eCommerce Tips

Keep it simple and get inside the customer’s  head when it comes to eCommerce. But be prepared for an awful lot of work, said Colm Griffin, founder and CEO of (@purchasedotie). His comments came at the monthly Entrepreneurs Anonymous event and it kicked off an extremely busy Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ) week in Dublin, Ireland.…

Grace Hopper coined "debug"

Ingenious Tech Innovation That Happened On This Day

World War II was raging and the U.S. had firepower. But was it accurate? It “had battleships that could lob shells weighing as much as a small car over distances up to 25 miles,” according to Moreover, there were equations to determine how wind, gravity, muzzle velocity and other factors would affect trajectory. “But…

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I Know You Don’t Normally Do This…A Look at One of Ireland’s Most Popular Websites

They have the traffic but sometimes the reason eludes them. With 13 million visits over the last year, the satirical Irish website is one of Ireland’s most popular. But telling which articles will be popular can be a challenge. And, now in its fourth year, Broadsheet is still growing. Visits were up over 30…

Edward Snowden

Would you hire someone who is extremely capable but “highly individualist, moralist, elitist, arrogant about his superior intellect … contemptuous of corporate profiteering … and, at times, fond of anti-authoritarian sloganeering”?

Microsoft’s Innovation Dilemma

If you are in a business where sales are falling off a cliff or “turning in to a rout,” it would seem the need to innovate is a given. But what if your effort is counter-productive? This is what happened to PC sales, which appear to be in a long-term decline and are down again…


January 19: This Day in Innovation – Some Days a Lot of Stuff Happens

1840 Charles Wilkes circumnavigates Antartica and claims a chunk that later became known as Wilkes Land for the United States. The Australians also claim the land as part of the Australian Antarctic Territory. At the time, however, Wilkes was an explorer commanding the United States Exploring Expedition. According to Wikipedia, “The naming is in recognition…

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Old Media’s New Shakedown: Charge the Internet!”

In the same week that saw the founding anniversaries of the London Times (1788) and Denmark’s oldest newspaper the Berlingske (1749), the Irish newspaper lobby drew on its 18th Century understanding of the internet to come up with a plan to charge others for linking to its members’ websites. Asserting that links — just links…


10 Geeks You Should Know

Dana Strong, CEO UPC Ireland

A Lagging Internet Economy Holds Everyone Back

It’s a small country with a thriving, and largely tech-focused, start-up scene. It boasts the European HQ of just about every tech giant. But Ireland’s existing small and medium businesses have been very slow to take advantage of the internet. As recently as 2011, it was estimated that 40% of the country’s SMEs do not…