Innovation Impatience In the Here & Now

Don’t let your impatience to innovate the future blind you to the present. “Attending to the present pays dividends in two crucial ways,” says says Dr. Jeanne Liedtka, a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. “First, it helps broaden, and perhaps even change completely, our definition of the…

Tracy Turo and Sonalie Galardi-Este Figueiras,

Smart & Smarter: Stand Out From the Crowd

There’s a classic scene in the movie Dumb & Dumber where our two heroes chose unusual tuxedos. The joke there was they stuck out like two sore thumbs. But what if you want to, or have to, stick out from the crowd? It’s long been the norm at conventions to have attractive women in tight…


The Rise & Fall of a Social Giant

Google is shutting down its first social network Orkut tomorrow. To mark the event, Dublin-based video production company, One Productions, has drawn up this timeline of key events in Orkut’s 10 years on the internet.

Develop Project Charter ITTO

This Guy Started a Project. What Happened Next Will Shock You

This is the first in a series of posts (explained here) on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). I am blogging my way through it in preparation for my Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. A nifty eBook I call PMBOK Summarized collates all the posts. The next in the series is here. Initiating Process…

Bob Ross

Debt, Experience and Happy Accidents

With two failed enterprises and debts to pay off, Jochen Lillich tried a period of corporate respectability. Much of it was good, but the entrepreneurial urge was tough to bury. Now working on his third, and ultimately successful, business, Lillich is philosophical about the path he found himself on. Quoting the famous, American pop painter,…

Custom House, Dublin, Ireland

“Your brand is your image. If that gets lost in translation, you are in big, big trouble”

  There is more to exporting that just slapping up a German, French or Chinese version of your website. What sounds like a lovely recipe to an Irish audience, for example, could turn French stomachs, said Ross O’Loughlin of And direct translations of marketing blurb by non-native speakers can have hilarious consequences, he said.…

More Reasons to Despair About Money

Emotions can cloud decisions and interfere with rational thought around personal finances.

Innochat Explained

Innochat is a weekly Twitter conversation on various topics surrounding innovation. It takes place at noon, Eastern Standard Time, or 5pm GMT, and lasts for an hour. A framing post is usually published on the Innochat website before the talk, and a (large) transcript is made available afterwards. That should be read in reverse chronological…