Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Last Tuesday, or Entrepreneurs Anonymous, is an informal networking group that meets once a month in Dublin, Ireland.

The website is www.EntAnon.com.

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33 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Anonymous

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  11. “Web thought leaders”? What an appalling phrase, not sure whether it reminds me more of Nazism or A Clockwork Orange. Who writes this stuff?

  12. If you are looking for somewhere to meet consider TOG. We have internet, two projectors, tea facilities etc. Probably available for free. Tuesdays are not great but have a look at the calendar on the site:


    Contact me directly if interested and we could get a proposal together. We have 3 parking spaces and public parking is free after 7pm. It depends on your needs but you could pop in for a look around some day.


  13. Kevin,
    Thanks for pointing that out about the date.
    That’s the first browser complaint I’ve heard. I just updated some plugins today, so maybe that is the problem. In any event, it should keep me busy for a while 🙂
    Thanks again,

    P.S. Culprit was indeed a plugin.

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