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Is Efficiency Innovation’s Enemy?

A group of innovation experts discusses whether efficiency in organizations can stifle innovation.

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Innovator’s Ideas “Too Valuable to Patent”

Afraid of his ideas being copied, one innovator choses not to patent his inventions.

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Another View on Intellectual Property

There is no point trying to patent software, according to multiple speakers at the Dublin Web Summit. Your idea will be copied anyway, said Eamonn Fallon, co-founder of Talking about your idea forces you to keep working on it, said Jan Reichelt, founder of Mendeley, a productivity tool for academic researchers. Insisting on a…

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A Peril Of Innovation; Guard Your Babies

Irish companies are losing out “hugely” because they fail to properly protect their innovations, according to Michael O’Duffy, CEO of the Centre for Software Engineering at DCU. It was a stark warning that all your valuable work could be taken from under your nose if you fail to look after it. His comment came at…

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It’s Official: Ireland’s Innovative

Or, at least, we have “strong innovation tendencies,” according to a press release from the Irish Industrial Development Authority (IDA).The IDA and the Irish Management Institute (IMI) commissioned a report Innovation & The Irish Manager that focused on “the intra-psychic world of Irish entrepreneurs.” They used a “battery of psychological and cultural tests,” and found…

Innovate by Design — Not by Accident

Continuing their series of talks at the Irish Computer Society (ICS), Michael O’Duffy of DCU’s Centre for Software Engineering and David Trevitt of Business Knowledge Innovation advised on how to exploit innovation. Their talk was the third in a series on the subject. O’Duffy cited research that design is the core to market differentiation. Most…

Innovation Howto

I attended the seminar Do Many Hands Make Innovation Work? around two weeks at the Irish Computer Society (ICS) and meant to write up some notes before the next event (Capturing The Spark of Creativity) this Friday, April 30th. I am only getting around to it now, of course. The seminar was given by Michael…